This collection contains print and microform journals, newspapers and magazines held in various Library branches and e-resources to which the Library subscribes (some access is restricted, others are open to all). These modules of 2-3 minutes each demonstrate the different search techniques and strategies for effective searching in the MEDLINE database. Search for books and other resources in campus Reading Rooms, audiovisual materials in UBC Archives and selected subject-specific bibliographies of local interest in UBC Bibliographies. If you have a subject in mind, use this search to view related indexes and databases. Phone 250-807-9107. Search our database of academic work written by the UBC community, or find data sets. Search by name, phone, fax, email, or position: Most indexes include the full text of some or all of the articles they index. Advanced Search - UBC Library Open Collections UBC Library's Open Collections include digital photos, books, newspapers, maps, videos, theses and more. Know what you want but not where to find it? Faculty and students visiting from other universities in Canada may be eligible […] Whether you are just starting your undergraduate degree, working on graduate research or need specialized library instruction … Learning, knowledge, research, insight: welcome to the world of UBC Library, the second-largest academic research library in Canada. Use this search when you want to access a specific article index or database. Search by name, phone, fax, email, or position: Name Phone Email Position; Katherine Kalsbeek (604) 822-2819: Library Administration: 250.807.9142. This includes e-journals held at publishers' sites, e-journal collections (e.g. The prefixes in the field names you see here represent the defined vocabulary to which the field belongs. UBC Library is eliminating most daily overdue fines for all library users. Community Borrowers who already have a UBC account can contact to have your library account extended. Help searching and navigation the library's research databases. Search ALL type collections (University of Michigan Digital Library) Search for types of only Algae | Bryophytes | Fungi and Lichens | Vascular Plants (University of Michigan Digital Library) University of Michigan Hosted Databases. Search here for subject-specific guides to help with your research. Use this search when you are looking for a specific article or a general topic. Summon is a search engine that provides a general starting point to find the majority of UBC Library's collections - including books, ebooks, scholarly journals and articles, newspaper articles, dissertations and theses, videos, images, maps, manuscripts, music scores, digitized items and more. Follow the links or UBC eLink to full text online or print copies, where available. Charges for items deemed lost, which applies to items not returned after more than 28 days, will also remain in effect. UBC Undergraduate Research - UBC Library Open Collections The Undergraduate Research collection in cIRcle aims to showcase and preserve UBC's exemplary undergraduate research across all disciplines. UBC Education Library is pleased to announce a new series of themed booklists on topics related to teaching, learning, and children’s literature. Search here for print journals, e-journals, newspapers and magazines. Canadian copyright law requires that UBC Library undertake a diligent search for a commercial copy of the content in a format that is suitable for the use purpose. Wednesday 5:30 – 7:00 pm . JSTOR) and e-journals indexed in our full-text article indexes. Just two weeks ago, in a UBC storeroom, the team found 92 film reels of Uganda Television coverage of public events related to the Amin government. You can learn more advanced search techniques from the Apache Lucene Query Syntax manual. For example, (title: "North Pole" AND accurate) AND (description: map OR "engraved print" NOT 'south') will search for items with 'North Pole' and 'accurate' in the title and either 'map' or 'engraved print', but not 'south' in the subject field. Overdue fees will continue for high-demand items, including recalled items. The University of British Columbia is a global centre for research and teaching, consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world. The UBC Education Library Booklists offer an entry point to the collection by highlighting suggested books on a variety of topics. and students will be required to … Phrases wrapped in quotation marks will be matched exactly, and you may group queries using parentheses. Research Guides are designed to provide students with information and links to resources (articles, books, databases, websites) that are helpful for researching specific topics and completing assignments for particular courses. To enlighten, to educate, and to entertain is the mission of the UBC Library. Tuesday 10:00 am – noon. Search UBC's unique collections of digitized photographs, audio-visual recordings, manuscripts and more. Email Specialized questions. Find them here. By putting quotation marks around two or more words, you force the database or search engine to find your words together in the document instead of separately. Find e-books, government reports, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, maps, musical scores, microforms and more in the UBC Library Catalogue. Did You Know? Search or browse UBC Library's Research Resources to find indexes and databases by keyword, title or subject. (Don’t know your UBC/Library card barcode and PIN? (title: "North Pole" AND accurate) AND (description: map OR "engraved print" NOT 'south'), Open Collections Search and Retrieval Documentation,{[{ rss.queryString }]}. Useful tricks include using the boolean operators AND, NOT, and OR (all caps) between search terms to dictate how the terms are matched, and limiting your query to a specific metadata field by prefixing it with the field name followed by a colon character. For general information about UBC/Library Cards and PINS, go to My Library Account. UBC Library Catalogue UBC Archives, Bibliographies and Reading Rooms (View) Search Catalogue Keyword equals (relevance ranked) Keywords (use AND, OR, NOT or "a phrase") Title keyword equals Title begins with Journal title begins with Author name includes Subject keyword … The Library has launched a print pick-up service to enable UBC students, faculty and staff to submit print jobs to be picked up from the front desk at the Irving K. Barber Learning front desk during open hours, without booking a study space. Regular Library Hours (August 15 — June 15) Sunday 9:00 am – noon, 5:00 – 6:30 pm. Looking for indexes and databases (subject-specific article search engines), articles or direct article citations? Start here to search the majority of UBC Library's collections. Name Phone Email Position; Teresa Komori (604) 827-2227: Circulation Assistant Specimen Records (Includes Types) (University of Michigan Digital Library). If you have a citation in hand, use this search to see where it is available. For an effective search, you need to use keywords, which … UBC Library employee directory. The exhibition is part of a broader project aimed at digitizing the negatives and related radio and film recordings. Have a topic in mind but don't know where to look for it? Enter your API Key, and send the object above in an HTTP GET request to the following url: Customize your RSS feed with the advanced search builder, then copy and paste the link below into the RSS reader of your choice. Click here or call one of the numbers listed below.) Wondering if you can get access to a journal? Indexes and databases contain articles from scholarly journals, popular magazines, newspapers, conference proceedings, etc., and in some cases, include chapters of books. For example, another … With the closure of physical UBC Library branches due to COVID-19, the library is unable to create library accounts for new Community Borrowers. Looking for online assistance from UBC Library regarding your My Library Account? Learning, knowledge, research, insight: welcome to the world of UBC Library, the second-largest academic research library in Canada. Materials in cIRcle are openly accessible to anyone on the web through UBC Library's Open Collections, and will continue to be preserved for future generations. U-M provides outstanding undergraduate, graduate and professional education, serving the local, regional, national and international communities. Each list features titles about current and historical topics in education, pedagogy, […] Join public library staff across Michigan as we brainstorm and share ideas for early literacy, children's and teen programming, explore the 2021 manual and CSLP support, and how we might adapt programming for the unique circumstances of a pandemic. This would include commercial subscription products (Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.) Summer Library Hours (June 15 — August 15) Sunday 9:00 am – noon. You can learn more about searching Open Collections by checking out the Open Collections Search and Retrieval Documentation. Wednesday 5:30 – 7:00 pm Library barcode: Number from the back of your library card (omit spaces). The words you use to describe your topic may be different from the words used in the library catalog (OneSearch) and library databases. The first five digits are 29424. Basic reference assistance by email: Asian Library Biomedical Branch Library David Lam Library Education Library Koerner Library Law Library Research Commons research.commons@ubc. Search the catalogue for books, e-books, journals, music, movies and more. Home; Some basics about UBC Library; MODULE 1: Search fundamentals Toggle Dropdown. Keywords are the words you type into a search box to search for information on your topic.