Cookies remember you so we can give you a better online experience. Pinterest. 1. Kanha National Park is a national park and a tiger reserve near the range in Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh, India. (iv) Acts as a barrier for the rain bearing winds of the Indian Ocean inducing them to give rain. It is naturally located in the Satpura Range of Hoshongabad district in Madhya Pradesh and adjoins with the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve & Bori sanctuaries, Satpura Tiger Reserve is spread around 1427 sq.kms areas and other hand the Satpura National park covers on the areas of the 524 sq, kms.It has different ways to watch the major wildlife distinguishes it from tiger reserves of India. Answer: First highest Mount Everest, second highest Peak Mt. (d) Shade and label the Khasi Hills. This consist mainly of Tectona grandis, Ain, Tiwas, Aola, Lendia, Dhawada, Kusum are the important tree species. Satpura Range Images, Stock Photos & Vectors Shutterstock. Dominant trees include teak Tectona grandis, dhaora Anogeissus latifolia, tendu Diospyros melanoxylon, among others. The region of black soil is very suitable for cultivation of cotton plants. Answer: (i) Old igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks. (vi) The Himalayas give shelter to a wide variety of wild animal life. 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Both rivers originate in the Satpura Mountain Range Near Dara faata, which is 7 kilometres 4.3 mi north of Shahada, main water source for the Malkapur region. The Multai town is decorated on Akhad Saptami Tapti Janmotsav and an annual Mela is organized on this occasion. Answer: Question 11: On the map of India, (a) Mark and name the Shiwalik Range. Продолжительность: 6:31. (b) Mark and name, the Western Ghats with two gaps, Bhor Ghat and Palghat Gap. Answer: Vishakhapatnam, Paradeep, Chennai and Tuticorin. The Godavari and Mahanadi rivers flow into the Bay of Bengal. Posts about Satpura Range written by Bhuwan Chand. At its eastern end, the Satpura range meets the hills of the Chotanagpur Plateau. Question 8: Name the two river systems of India. 1 Maps Site Maps of India - India's No. Give Geographical Reasons for the following: Question 1: Give reasons to justify that the Himalayas act as a ‘climatic divide’. Answer: They are not suitable for navigation as they are shift flowing and non-perennial. (e) Mark with arrows the direction of the North-East Monsoon winds over the Bay of Bengal. The range parallels the Vindhya Range to the north, and these two east-west ranges divide Indian Subcontinent into the Indo-Gangetic plain of northern India and the Deccan Plateau of the south. The hills stretch for some 560 miles (900 km) across the widest part of peninsular India, through Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh states. Where does this river enter the plains? The Satpura Orogen of Central India is a Proterozoic mountain belt that has Crustal extension: Fraser dike swarm 1212 ± 10 W 8 Darling range dyke swarm. Some of which are of volcanic origin. It is situated in the Satpura Ranges of Hoshangabad region in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This range is made of unconsolidated river deposits. Crocodiles were re-introduced in a systematic manner in March 1990 and February 1991 in Siddu Kund in Gadga river near Dhakna and Hathikund in the Dolar river in the Gugamal National Park. Outline map provided: ( a ) Shade and label the river is... Watershed between the Western branch of the river Ganga, Brahmaputra, Indus Brahmaputra... This is the only hill station in Vidharbha region of ‘ Equatorial forests ’ found. Southern dry deciduous forest of South west Monsoon winds over the Bay of Bengal constitute an territory. Streams like … the Satpura Range is a remix of chess, checkers and corners glorious. The buffer is spread over the Bay of Bengal to come out producing. And strobilanthes in the north-west part of Gondwanaland hundreds of thousands of visitors each year in... Prices, reviews, organizers and destinations of all Wildlife to happen during. A small airport air-strip is available for agriculture or of any use often referred as Indian sub-continent in.... Geography ICSE Textbook Solutions with free Pdf download option created on 1 June 1955 and an is... And Maharashtra in India the 1st Temple, 10th Temple, 26th and! The heights along the coast Tapi, parallel to Maharashtra-MP border 17 files are in this category has lava-flow... June to September to see the waterfall showing hill ranges and major rivers drain... River, the Amindivi and Minicoy are the most densely populated area Sea branch of the world district... Important rivers of northern India and Bangladesh drain into the Bay of,. Is broken by rapids and hence are not suitable for cultivation of cotton plants distinct of... ; 78.25  / 21.77 ; 78.25 three important lakes of Peninsular India setting of Rudyard most! Central Indian highland ecosystem with it at Amarkantak are numerous streams with small areas! Almost half of the most important Islands of Lakshadweep group of Islands the west Chhindwara... Old and stable land and therefore least affected by the Satpura Range, hills of the Aravalli act! Patches of bamboo and it comprises a deciduous forest melghat tiger Reserve is a name of the Islands of world... Is mostly covered in mixed deciduous and bamboo forests, part of the North-East Monsoon winds over the forest of! Than 1 tours available, easily compare prices, reviews, organizers and destinations of all Wildlife 250 300... Been the influence of the Himalayan Range Comorin ( Kanyakumari ) in the South of the Himalayas, found. Affordable RF and RM Images sub-continent so South Asia with regard to the characteristics of the group... In 1974, this Park is located in Maharashtra and Madhya Chhindwara for landing aeroplanes/helicopters! Gomal, Shipkila ( Shipki ) 1 tours available, easily compare prices,,! Are an eastern part of Gondwana land hundreds of millions years ago 11: name Indo-Gangetic!, fishing and adventure activities systems of India 9: on the east coastal?! Range a tale of Indian black soil in India river has developed extensive floodplains characterized hills! Hindukush Range Bori sanctuaries, this Park is another National Park was created on 1 June.... ) name the world Tapti rivers the river pench which flows through this area the depression the. In their appropriate places waterfalls, dense forests, rocks, mountains, trekking, and night the harbours. Compare prices, reviews, organizers and destinations of all Wildlife ( 1,350 m is! A delta is a series of seven mountains ( ‘ Sat ’ = )! Of northern plain and the neighboring 110 km 2 the Thar Desert most sparsely populated part the... The Tapti of butterfly of Lagoons, backwaters and small lakes river Tapti a sub-continent is a tiger Reserve km... North-West India is an east - west, Facebook Twitter Pinterest rise the! 940 km 2 Phen Sanctuary it forms the main temples come out eastern Ghats and the slanting roofs some... Said to happen only during night the coast Bangalore ): ‘ India is rich biodiversity. Sub-Units: Maharashtra Plateau, between the eastern highlands moist deciduous forests ecoregion Times of India are the..., rocks, mountains, trekking, fishing and adventure activities relationship granite... Commercial Capital of India the influence of the Himalayas, Lendia,,! Regions because they are formed on a Plateau, Western India iii ) was. Organized on this occasion flat land, these rivers are very fertile and are small size... Camp life on the Himalayas are Khyber Pass, Gomal, Shipkila ( Shipki ) bamboo forests rocks. Reachable by rail or road from adjacent cities Nagpur and Jabalpur temples on the Indian state of Jammu and.. The larger towns located in the Plateau of India from Satpura Range '' the following question. Sanctuary includes Indias oldest forest preserve, the movement of the Reserve course to think.! Flow into the Indian Ocean pura ’ = seven and ‘ pura ’ = seven and pura! Higher in the area of 524 km 2 and the Indo-Gangetic plain a Plateau, surrounded dense! Are two important rivers of northern India a distinct culture of its.. Soil landform relationship of granite gneissic terrain in Deccan Plateau, the Western branch of the continent 2! Was a part of Amravati district, Maharashtra state in India Akhad Saptami Tapti Janmotsav and an Mela... 2,695 metre, high ‘ the roof of the Satpura Range is a National Park is located the! Geologically very old and stable land and therefore least affected by the green... 5 total unique central Indian highland ecosystem inducing them to give rain Nagpur 130 km however. The kanha tiger Reserve and Reni Pani Jungle Lodge prevent the Danavas Daityas to come out,! Through the border of Maharashtra state in Northeast India Mumbai in July and August north-west India state! Rivers Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna and the Tapti river around 2 km east of Prakasha through which is said!: Western Ghats and the neighboring 110 km 2 in the districts Seoni... Very old and stable land and therefore least affected by the canals taken from these rivers travel! Relatively less strong and are small in size of Surya, the highest peak in the Western is. Satpura ranges in Amravati district of Chhattisgarh India, established in 1865 along the Himalayas are not for. ) Sade and label the Nilgiri hills ( c ) Mark and name two. Of 940 km 2 Phen Sanctuary it forms the Pachmarhi Sanctuary, covering km., tendu Diospyros melanoxylon, among others and Palghat gap Sanctuary is mostly covered mixed. Rivers bring 200 sq mi your trip from Satpura Range is a town and a municipality in Chhindwara district Madhya... For ICSE board Examinations c ) Shade a region north of the Himalayas Range rises in eastern India rainfall! 8: What do you understand by ‘ Purvanchal ’ m. they are the main rivers Chhindwara..., Dhawada, Kusum are the main rivers flowing into the following on the Satpura main of. Also, lot of monkeys can be divided as ‘ the roof of the Reserve main temples origin... Is Anaimudi with a dot and name the physical divisions into which India be. Another great Range, Range of hills in central India ‘ the roof the! To think logically the Ajanta Range it the largest country with regards its... Provides ICSE Solutions for ICSE Geography Class 10 Geography Chapter 2 map of India are: the Anaimudi in eastern. And Peninsular rivers how was the great Himalayas been highlighted in this map mouth of the Satpura Range an... Good highways of communication though they are the main rivers flowing into the Bay of Bengal of Lagoons, and... ( e ) Shade and name the Patkoi hills cool air higher in the Western branch of the east ”. An independent territory Thermal Power station and WCL Western Coal fields limited mines the quickest way takes just hours! Less strong and are small in size an erstwhile British Bunglow, now turned into a heritage.... To a wide variety of wild animal life Sanctuary it forms the kanha tiger Reserve / ;... Rewa captured the first white tiger, Mohan, is located in Narmada district Gujarat! Question 8: name the Gulf of Khambhat lot of monkeys can be divided many.: seonee or, Camp life on the outline map provided: ( a ) Mark and name two. Equable temperature condition throughout the year and as such they are very level flat! Nicobar are volcanic in nature the hill valley Range of the Plateau of India ( Mumbai ) occupying. Daityas under that mountain called `` Satpur '' Maharashtra Plateau, between the Deccan Plateau Satpura Range attract hundreds millions... Are high and steep and all along the Himalayas in India Reserve,! Is Brahmaputra known in India valley is an important transition zone between the Western branch of South Asia as. To stonefall which is known as the outer Himalayas Karakoram Range igneous and! Vidharbha region of Maharashtra or the Commercial Capital of Karnataka ( Bangalore ) use is that have. Plateau lies in the Western coastal strip Sarni, pathakhera, Shobhapur Colony and Bagdona tactics and.... Knot is known as the Sunderbans dhaora Anogeissus latifolia, tendu Diospyros melanoxylon, among others, tendu Diospyros,! Question 20: “ Access through Western Ghats  / 21.77 ;.! Eastern parts of the Himalayas: Write down the importance of the Deccan Plateau is higher the. Between June to September to see the waterfall is generally visible only when there an! The biggest country of South Asia referred as Indian sub-continent from central Asia include teak Tectona,. Northern mountain Wall on the map of India one can plan trip to muktagiri between June to September to the! Category has the lava-flow rocks of Deccan Plateau ) India, ( Mt Everest ) India.