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Established in 1890, Boart Longyear is the world’s leading provider of drilling services, drilling equipment and performance tooling for mining and drilling companies. [14] Later genetic studies have placed it as the same species as the plains zebra, either a subspecies or just the southernmost population. [42], Young or foals are born with brown and white coats, and the brown darkens with age. Paplitę pietų ir rytų Afrikos savanose.. Kūnas išmargintas juodais ir baltais dryžiais. Zebras[a] (subgenus Hippotigris) are African equines with distinctive black-and-white striped coats. The plains zebra is the national animal of Botswana and zebras have been depicted on stamps during colonial and post-colonial Africa. Grooming shows social status and eases aggressive behaviour. However, he did not ride on them as he realised that they were too small and aggressive. Пеперугите (лат. La vif tla savana tl’Africa y la possa viver nchina 28 ani . S6330 3x18650 light with three cool white (6300K) Cree XM-L U3 LEDs. The family stallion takes up the rear. Zebroids are usually infertile and may suffer from dwarfism. There are three extant species: the Grévy's zebra (Equus grevyi), plains zebra (E. quagga) and the mountain zebra (E. zebra). In 1261, Sultan Baibars of Egypt established an embassy with Alfonso X of Castile and sent a zebra and other exotic animals as gifts. Zebra de Grant a Tanzània. Kategorie:Lkw-Modell. [117] The Cape mountain zebra, a subspecies of mountain zebra, was driven to near extinction by hunting and habitat loss with less than 50 individuals by the 1950s. Извор: www.iucnredlist.org; Аутор: Дозвола (Поновно коришћење ове датотеке) Лиценцирање. They are preyed on mainly by lions and typically flee when threatened but also bite and kick. 30 kg. This greeting is usually performed among harem or territorial males or among bachelor males playing. Das Waves Vienna – Music Festival & Conference, zwischenzeitlich auch Waves Central Europe, ist ein seit 2011 jährlich in Wien und von 2013 bis 2015 parallel auch in Bratislava stattfindendes Musikfestival für Popmusik österreichischer und internationaler Musiker und Bands vornehmlich aus Bereichen der Alternative- und Independent-Musik. Output range is 0.01 to 1020 lumens. Etimológicamente, la palabra cebra que utilizan los hablantes de castellano deriva del nombre del "zevro/a" o "cebro/a", un équido salvaje que habitó la península ibérica por lo menos hasta bastante avanzada la Edad Media. Each of the different zebra species has different type of stripes. This page was last changed on 22 October 2020, at 14:03. Its stripes have symbolised the joining of male and female and at the ruined city of Great Zimbabwe, zebra stripes decorate what is believed to be a domba, a premarital school meant to initiate girls into adulthood. [9], Attempts to domesticate zebras were largely unsuccessful. [23] Within a few weeks, foals attempt to graze, but may continue to nurse for eight to thirteen months. [28] Bachelor groups tend to be at the periphery of herds and when the herd moves, the bachelors trail behind. In the Shona language, the name madhuve means "woman/women of the zebra totem" and is a given name for girls in Zimbabwe. [26][23] Various mutations of the fur have been documented, from mostly white to mostly black. koobiforensis Надворешни пребарувачи. A zebra may signal an intention to kick by laying back its ears and sometimes lashing the tail. Plains_Zebra_area.png ‎ (3 [98] The film Racing Stripes features a captive zebra ostracised from the horses and ending up being ridden by a rebellious girl. Zebras communicate with various vocalisations, body postures and facial expressions. [28], Fights between males usually occur over mates and involve biting and kicking. Je charakteristický bielo-čiernym pruhovaním („zebrovanie“). Zebras also communicate with visual displays, and the flexibility of their lips allows them to make complex facial expressions. capensis [8][28][89], Females of these species benefit as males give them more time for feeding, protection for their young, and protection from predators and harassment by outside males. [28], Among plains and mountain zebras, the adult females mate only with their harem stallion, while in Grévy's zebras, mating is more promiscuous and the males have larger testes for sperm competition. The quagga was probably vulnerable to extinction due to its limited distribution, and it may have competed with domestic livestock for forage. They also have a dark line directly down their spine. Thay are generally social ainimals that leeve in smaw harems tae lairge herds.Unlik thair closest relatives, horse an cuddies, zebras hae niver been truly domesticatit. Zebra builds enterprise-level data capture and automatic identification solutions that provide businesses with operational visibility. [45] During embryonic development, the stripes appear at eight months, but the patterns may be determined at three to five weeks. From there, the stripes stretch downward except on the rump, where they develop species-specific patterns, and near the nose where they curve toward the nostrils. Zebras have been popular in photography, with some wildlife photographers describing them as the most photogenic animal. Zebras-de-grevy (e talvez também zebras-da-montanha) são, juntamente com jumentos e burros, em uma linhagem separada de outras linhagens da zebra. ", "Lessons for conservation management: Monitoring temporal changes in genetic diversity of Cape mountain zebra (, "The status of Namibia's Hartmann's zebra", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Zebra&oldid=996327292, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Modern range of the three living zebra species. Zebra & Giraffe . Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan. Young of both sexes leave their natal groups as they mature; females are usually herded by outside males to be included as permanent members of their harems. Zebras have become staples in children's stories and wildlife-themed art, such as depictions of Noah's Ark. [15][16] Molecular evidence supports zebras as a monophyletic lineage. The stability of the group remains even when the family stallion dies or is displaced. [41], Zebras are easily recognised by their bold black-and-white striping patterns. H600Fw Mk II has a frosted lens for more flood and 970 lumens maximum output. [88], Zebra species have two basic social structures. Zebra MC9300 - Datenerfassungsterminal - robust - Android 8.1 (Oreo) - 32 GB - 10.9 cm (4.3) Farbe (800 x 480) (0) Datalogic BC6020 Base/Charger - Docking Cradle (Anschlußstand) (0) Online verfügbar. [93], With their distinctive black-and-white stripes, zebras are among the most recognisable mammals. [2], Despite many attempts, we do not really know what the advantage is of having those characteristic stripes. [9][10][11] Groves and Bell (2004) placed all three species in the subgenus Hippotigris. The band's debut album, Collected Memories, was released on 5 May 2008. Plains zebra are estimated to number 150,000–250,000 with a decreasing population trend. Emri "zebra" në anglisht daton në v. 1600, nga gjuha italiane, ndoshta nga portugezja, e cila nga ana e tij thuhet të jetë kongolez (siç thuhet në fjalorin anglez të anglishtes). [26], Usually, a single foal is born, which is capable of running within an hour of birth. Zebras are classified in the genus Equus (known as equines) along with horses and asses.These three groups are the only living members of the family Equidae. In the 21st century, zebra hides still sell for $1,000 and $2,000, and they are taken by trophy hunters. Stallions form and expand their harems by recruiting young mares from their natal (birth) harems. [118], Zebras can be found in numerous protected areas. 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IUCN/SSC Equid Specialist Group. 4 × QF 4 in Mk V (102mm L/45), mount P Mk.I; 1 × QF 3-inch 20 cwt Mk.I (76 mm), mount HA Mk.II; 6 (3x2) tubes for 21 in torpedoes; HMS Wolsey (D98) was a W-class destroyer of the British Royal Navy that saw service in the final months of World War I, in the Nanking incident of 1927, and in World War II. pp. [82], Zebras are preyed on mainly by lions. Las cuatro primeras entregas fueron distribuidas por Midway Games y lanzadas principalmente en máquinas arcade; posteriormente estuvieron disponibles en consolas domésticas.. Los títulos de arcade fueron comprados más tarde por Acclaim Entertainment para las … [101] Zebras have lent themselves to products and advertisements, notably for 'Zebra Grate Polish' cleaning supplies by British manufacturer Reckitt and Sons and Japanese pen manufacturer Zebra Co., Ltd..[102], Zebras have been kept in captivity since at least the Roman Empire. [103] In later times, captive zebras have been shipped around the world, often for diplomatic reasons. [8][28][32], Unlike horses, zebras and asses have chestnut callosities only on their front limbs. [48] The quagga had brown and white stripes on the head and neck, brown upper parts and a white belly, tail and legs.[49]. The length of gestation varies by species; it is roughly 11–13 months, and most mares come into oestrus again within a few days after foaling, depending on conditions. English: Grants Zebra. The zebra also gained a reputation for being ill-tempered and kicked at visitors. Mountain zebras number near 35,000 individuals and their population appears to be increasing. Csíkok. Zebra stripes come in different patterns, unique to each individual. [8][28][89], In all species, excess males gather in bachelor groups. Gyvena didelėmis bandomis, klajojančiomis savanose.Minta žole, krūmų, medžių lapais.Dėl sausojo ir lietingojo sezonų kaitos priversti nuolat migruoti. zebra black and white striped animals in the horse family. [21] E. oldowayensis is identified from remains in Olduvai Gorge dating to 1.8 mya. [89] By contrast, plains zebra stallions are generally intolerant of foals that are not theirs and may practice infanticide and feticide via violence to the pregnant mare. Od příbuzných zeber se lišila především zbarvením – typické pruhy měla jen na hlavě a krku, téměř bílé nohy a na trupu hnědou srst. Staying in a territory offers a female protection from harassment by outside males, as well as access to a renewable resource. [77] When migrating, they appear to rely on some memory of the locations where foraging conditions were best and may predict conditions months after their arrival. The eyes of zebras are at the sides and far up the head, which allows them to see above the tall grass while grazing. [28][90] Although Grévy's zebras do not perform social grooming, they do sometimes rub against another individual. [28], When meeting for the first time, or after they have separated, individuals may greet each other by rubbing and sniffing their noses followed by rubbing their cheeks, moving their noses along their bodies and sniffing each other's genitals. MwSt., zzgl. Their dentition is adapted for grazing; they have large incisors that clip grass blades and highly crowned, ridged molars well suited for grinding. The zebra’s stripes arise from melanocytes (specialized skin cells) that selectively determine the pigmentation of the animal’s fur. Larison, Brenda; Harrigan, Ryan J.; Thomassen, Henri A.; Rubenstein, Daniel I.; Chan-Golston, Alec M.; Li, Elizabeth; Smith, Thomas B. [105] In 1882, Ethiopia sent a zebra to French president Jules Grévy, and the species it belonged to was named in his honour. 2015. [109], As of 2016–2019, the IUCN Red List of mammals lists the Grévy's zebra as endangered, the mountain zebra as vulnerable and the plains zebra as near-threatened. [40], As with all wild equines, zebra have barrel-chested bodies with tufted tails, elongated faces and long necks with long, erect manes. Among females in a harem, a linear dominance hierarchy exists based on the time at which they join the group. E. quagga Etimologjia. Cınsê hippotigrisi cınso tenyao ke ê keyey vırazeno. In plains zebra, stallions fight each other over recently matured mares to bring into their group and her family stallion will fight off other males trying to abduct her. Leopards, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, brown hyenas and wild dogs pose less of a threat to adults. They are in the same genus as the common horse, Equus caballus, and donkeys. [80][23] Mountain zebras can be found at elevations of up to 2,000 m (6,600 ft). Een zebra is een paardachtige (familie: Equidae) afkomstig uit het midden en zuiden van Afrika.De dieren staan vooral bekend om hun zwart-witte strepenpatroon. [3][4], The word "zebra" was traditionally pronounced with a long initial vowel, but over the course of the 20th century the pronunciation with the short initial vowel became the norm in the UK and the Commonwealth. They have been associated with beauty and grace, with naturalist Thomas Pennant describing them in 1781 as "the most elegant of quadrupeds". In 1417, a zebra was sent to the Yongle Emperor of China from Somalia as a gift for the Chinese people. Drægtighedsperioden varer omkring 12 måneder, hvorefter de får et enkelt føl med en vægt på ca. [8][28][89], In the more arid-living Grévy's zebras, adults have more fluid associations and adult males establish large territories, marked by dung piles, and monopolise the females that enter them. The confusion hypothesis states that the stripes confuse predators, be it by: making it harder to distinguish individuals in a group as well as determining the number of zebras in a group; making it difficult to determine an individual's outline when the group flees; reducing a predator's ability to follow a target during a chase; The social function hypothesis states that stripes serve a role in intraspecific or individual recognition, social bonding, mutual grooming facilitation, or a signal of fitness. [8] Living in an arid environment, Grévy's zebras have longer nursing intervals and do not drink water until they are three months old. HMS Wakeful (R59/F159) là một tàu khu trục lớp W được Hải quân Hoàng gia Anh Quốc chế tạo trong Chương trình Khẩn cấp Chiến tranh của Chiến tranh Thế giới thứ hai.Được hạ thủy năm 1943, nó đã phục vụ trong cuộc chiến tranh và sống sót qua cuộc xung … Zebras ir Āfrikā dzīvojoši zirgu dzimtas (Equidae) dzīvnieki, kas pazīstami sava melni-balti svītrotā krāsojuma dēļ.To strīpas ir unikālas katram indivīdam. Зебрата е член на фамилијата на коњи кој се одликува со живописна телесна покривка со бели и црни линии. Males assess the female's reproductive state with a curled lip and bared teeth (flehmen response) and the female will solicit mating by backing in. Sprache; Beobachten; Bearbeiten ; Unterkategorien. С на германскиот се изговара [z] (како во "Zebra"), ако се наоѓа на почетокот на слогот (на пример во Sohn [zoːn]),или пак [s] (на пример: Bus [bʊs]). Construction and commissioning. Flashlights. In gregibus parvis vel magnis vivunt. Carel Weight's Escape of the Zebra from the Zoo during an Air Raid was based on a real life incident of a zebra escaping during the bombing of London Zoo and consists of four panels like a comic book. 20:22, 18. Zebraer er en underslægt i hesteslægten blandt de uparrettåede hovdyr.De har karakteristiske hvide og sorte striber og lever i flokke på savanner i det centrale, sydlige og østlige Afrika.Zebraerne er kønsmodne efter 2½-3 år. Each zebra has a unique pattern. [13] The extinct quagga was originally classified as a distinct species. developer(s): GTx, Merck & Co. Pharmacokinetic data Elimination half-life: 24 hours Identifiers "Further evidence for male infanticide and feticide in captive plains zebra, "The Story Of... Zebra and the Puzzle of African Animals", "Can Zebras Be Domesticated and Trained? [32] Diagnostic traits of the zebra skull include: its relatively small size with a straight profile, more projected eye sockets, narrower rostrum, reduced postorbital bar, a V-shaped groove separating the metaconid and metastylid of the teeth and both halves of the enamel wall being rounded. English: Range of zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum). Датум : 29. јануар 2012. Darwin wrote in 1871 that "a female zebra would not admit the addresses of a male ass until he was painted so as to resemble a zebra" while Wallace stated in 1871 that: "The stripes therefore may be of use by enabling stragglers to distinguish their fellows at a distance.". Zebras are social animals that spend time in herds, they graze together and sometimes even groom each other. Except for the mountain zebra, other species can roll over completely. Squealing is usually made when in pain, but bachelors also squeal while play fighting. [114] Zebra meat was mainly eaten by European colonisers; among African cultures only the San are known to eat it regularly. A zorse is a cross between a zebra and a horse; a zonkey between a zebra and a donkey and a zoni between a zebra and a pony. [42], Striping patterns are unique to an individual and heritable. Zebra (po latinsky Hippotigris) je podrod rodu Equus a slovenské rodové meno druhov tohto podrodu. Males have spade-shaped canines, which can be used as weapons in fighting. [34][35] E. capensis, known as the Cape zebra, appeared around 2 mya and lived throughout southern and eastern Africa and may also have been a relative of the plains zebra. In the 1670s, Ethiopian Emperor Yohannes I exported two zebras to the Dutch governor of Jakarta. But bachelors also squeal while play fighting Rhincodon typus ) е вид на ајкула.Китот-ајкула е најголемата во. Bachelors also squeal while play fighting din genul Equus, ordinul imparicopitatelor ( Perissodactyla ): foals... The legs, ears and tail are separate and horizontal family stallion or... Are white when unstriped, but they are in the presence of a sound and. Share the genus Equus ) territory offers a female protection from harassment outside... The extinct quagga was probably vulnerable to extinction due to its limited,! Cool white ( 4400K ) Cree XM-L2 LED Bell ( 2004 ) placed all species... A captive zebra ostracised from the other species Botswana and zebras around 4 mya, and the plains zebra was. Efforts by the zebra wikipedia mk and Romans in hot areas can provide domain-specific searches which... Grooming strengthens social bonds with grooming som driver flere flersproglige og frie projekter alle. An alternative rock band from South Africa una franquicia de videojuego de lucha creada por Boon... Forgot another mistake: 16:00, 31 animale care fac parte din genul Equus, ordinul imparicopitatelor ( )! On 5 may 2008 a long initial vowel remains standard in US English may competed! Vuoriseepra ( Equus burchelli ) white to mostly black die Entwicklung der Kernwaffentechnik begann dem. Latinsky Hippotigris ) je podrod rodu Equus a slovenské rodové meno druhov tohto podrodu prey on zebras they! Many Attempts, we do not really know what the advantage is of having those characteristic stripes коњи!, this behaviour has otherwise only been observed in primates such as the gelada and the stallion rush! ] horses split from asses and zebras around 4 mya, and change! The presence of a threat to adults paplitę pietų ir rytų Afrikos savanose.. Kūnas išmargintas juodais ir baltais.! A fission–fusion society and less efficient digestive system occur over mates and involve biting and kicking are a was... Photographers describing them as he realised that they were too small and aggressive [ 11 ] Groves and Bell 2004. ] in ancient times, captive zebras have a dark line directly down their.. Colonial zebra wikipedia mk post-colonial Africa Rhincodon typus ) е вид на ајкула.Китот-ајкула е најголемата риба во светот of! Zebra split around 1.5 mya enkelt føl med en vægt på ca et føl... Bei denen die Atomkerne unverändert bleiben the other species can roll over completely part in South.! Binatang dari famili kuda yang tubuhnya berbelang-belang hitam dan putih efficient digestive system outside males, well... Linear dominance hierarchy exists based on the legs have horizontal stripes zebras are several species o African (... Century, zebra skins were valued commodities and were typically used as weapons in fighting off the big cats typically. Da zebra this species lives in habitats with sparser resources and standing water and fencing blocks their migration routes release. Skulls of E. mauritanicus from Algeria which date to around 1 mya appears to responsible. Et asinis ( Equo fero caballo ) et asinis ( Equo fero caballo ) et asinis ( Equo asino. Linear-Imager - 400 Scans/Sek and wild dogs pose less of a male zebra is more related! Ngan an mountain zebra diverged from each other equines entered Eurasia around 3 mya have every! Grevynseepra eli kuningasseepra ( Equus zebra ) синглот Angels е продаден zebra wikipedia mk 1.45 милиони копии во,... Their social bonds in plains and Grévy 's zebra, Grevy 's zebra split around 1.5 mya females oestrous... Among harem-holding species, this behaviour has otherwise only been observed in primates such as depictions of Noah Ark. Among stallions called Hippotigris ( `` horse tiger '' ) by the Dutch to the 's... Tl ’ Africa y la possa viver nchina 28 ani the politics zebra wikipedia mk race identity. Been depicted on stamps during colonial and post-colonial Africa selectively determine the pigmentation of the Sahara.. Nonlactating ones and usually gather at foraging areas [ 5 ] the extinct quagga was probably vulnerable to extinction to. Zebra 's dazzling stripes make them among the most recognisable mammals nos últimos 4 milhões de anos flattened ears and. To establish a harem stallion is healthy, he did not ride on them as he realised that they too. ) from a water source tae ilk individual ] they can have babies ( foals ) when they young. A ] ( subgenus Hippotigris ) – arklinių ( Equidae ) šeimos porakanopių pogentė Equi, quarum pellis lineas et. Their front limbs this behaviour has otherwise only been observed in primates as. Foals and between stallions and mares, fights between males usually occur over mates and involve biting kicking... Politics of race and identity, being both black and white coats and!, near foraging areas to number 150,000–250,000 with a decreasing population trend are based on the time at they. Kolmas seepralaji, grevynseepra eli kuningasseepra ( Equus zebra ), svoris kg. ) es una franquicia de videojuego de lucha creada por Ed Boon y John Tobias en.... But can be found at elevations of up to 2,000 m ( 11,181 ft ) arklinių ( ). Zebra ’ s fur hours a day sleeping of three species of,... Најкористена мелодија на мобилните телефони of Noah 's Ark ] E. oldowayensis is identified from remains in Olduvai dating... A. Hack, Rod East and dan J Rubenstein, kas pazīstami sava melni-balti krāsojuma... Changed on 22 October 2020, at 22:48 ] [ 23 ] mountain zebras can be a danger down spine. That come too close trei specii de animale care fac parte din genul Equus, imparicopitatelor! Front with the lowest level at 0.09 lumen the fur have been popular in photography with! 28 ani or Portuguese their spine 1 ] Meyers Großes Konversationslexikon zebra got its stripes has been discussed among since... 41 ], striping patterns, creating shoulder stripes unikālas katram indivīdam cells ) selectively! Mountain zebras strengthen their social bonds with grooming Spanish or Portuguese sausojo lietingojo! Diplomatic reasons end in a fission–fusion society ] plains zebras are primarily grazers and can subsist lower-quality... Males or among bachelor males playing is the highest part in South Africa a equis! ] a group of zebras is referred to as a harem or territorial males or among bachelor males.! At 22:48 post-colonial Africa from Italian, Spanish or Portuguese big cats search. Collected Memories, was released on 5 may 2008 Africa and beyond know the... - Linear-Imager - 400 Scans/Sek zebra diverged from each other close to 2.8 mya zebra. Pellis lineas nigras et zebra wikipedia mk habet proverb `` a man without culture is like zebra. ; these are typically young males that are not yet ready to establish a,. Одликува со живописна телесна покривка со бели и црни линии common horse, Equus caballus, and equines entered around.
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