Machine quilting on my Pfaff ends up a mess and the batting does not agree with my large embroidery hoops…keeps slipping off…..HELP if you can please! Thank you for the great article. If you have a special quilt that you want to invest in, I think batting is an important thing to consider. This post will try to help sort out some of the terms and key items to … Do you want the quilt to be soft and warm, or just heavy? Very dense and thick. but know that you’re not alone! woooow!!! my quilt store recommends the fuseable poly/cotten blend but after reading many quilting blogs I have never seen anyone mention the fuseable batting. Low loft batting is great for a flatter finish, where you want to show off your piecing more than your quilting lines (though if you are hand quilting, choose low loft no matter how amazing your stitches are… it’s just easier.) I just get one size bigger than the bedsize of the quilt I'm making. For small art quilts, I keep a trash bag for covering enough of the table with the can in my kitchen away from my machines. That is a great question! Light and breathable natural fiber. I really appreciate your writing as much as your helpful tips, knowledge and reviews. Three things come to mind – 1. If you want to spend a few extra dollars for a special quilt that needs to be extra cozy, I recommend a bamboo or a bamboo blend. Do you cut off pieces or unroll under long arm and nibble away at it?
, Amy, I love it that 90% of the time when I google with a quilting related question, up pops a tutorial on your blog! So, unless you can assure the piece will be rolled and not folded, stick to wool, poly or some blend. Polyester – Pros: Less expensive, lightweight but very durable. So with that said I want this one to be cozy and warm while still being breathable. Almost all of the bamboo batting that I’ve researched has other fibers- cotton or modal and tencel. Polyester batting options are often warmer – providing insulation without a lot of extra weight. AND Get the pattern! And warm. The quilting companies who have wool batting have treated them with a super wash technique so that they don’t felt and that makes them machine washable. Needless to say I’ve ordered the sample pack and can then test them all and compare the results. The backing fabric is Cuddle Luxe. New to sewing? Whatever you decide, good luck! Most batting comes preshrunk, but yes, inevitably both the prewashed batting and prewashed fabric will still shrink a small amount on the second wash anyway. Do you have any thoughts on fusible batting? I wish i could jump in to the photo of all that wadding, locally don't have choice i am making a book of samples of different waddings/batting so when i need some i can choose which is best for the job that said sometimes even then can't get it lol
Hugs Janice. You may want to test that out on a small sample. Warm & Natural batting is wonderfully soft and easy to quilt. Quilters Dream is a top notch batting brand and honestly, all of their products will hold up after lots of washing – especially a poly/cotton blend or cotton batting. Don't Get Too Lofty. I think poly batting has it’s place and in the end it’s about how you want the quilt to feel and how you will be using it. If you are still liking it after all of that, get more! It is important to know ahead of time whether that is something you need to provide with your quilt top before you give it to the quilter. Does it still crinkle? Were we live right now there is a place that will process alpaca fiber (75% alpaca, 25% wool) into batting for an astonishingly reasonable price. I get that I join my squares and everything, but once that is done is this the next step? Would you use all cotton or a poly blend? Unless the appliqué is very light in color, I would look into using black batting. I wish I had half that to choose from, we just don't have that many options here.
Hooter Hider…now that's a great name, congratulations on being featured at Sew Mama Sew. It’s possible the fibers need it as a stabilizer or they would bunch up too much before you used it. Handsewing the pieces is difficult — what about glue???? I guess I should wash the samples, after I’ve quilted them? Tames Once again there are lots of options. Backing also needs to be longer than the quilt top and batting because sometimes if you’re table-top pin basting on a narrow table, the layers aren’t quite parallel to one another. Wool will never get fold lines or creases, even after months of being folded, which is pretty awesome for you quilters out there with stacks on stacks of quilts filling various corners of the living room. Quilters Dream Orient Bamboo blend would be a good option. I exclusively hand quilt and fusible batting is absolutely horrible for the job! Can it be washed often? Wool batting is very lightweight and is used for its warmth. (And even easier to use fusible Batting Seam Tape to join smaller pieces together side by side.) (Connecting Threads also has a helpful info page about what size and kind of batting you need.) So perhaps Cotton poly blend? Once you wash the quilt it will drastically change the drape. Pingback: The 2 Absolute Best Pins for Quilting - Suzy Quilts. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Cotton batting or a cotton/poly blend would both work great. This means your lines of quilting should be between 2-3 inches apart to prevent the batting … Longarm quilting is the process by which a longarm sewing machine is used to sew together a quilt top, quilt batting and quilt backing into a finished quilt. Hopefully this gives you a pretty good preview of what all these materials have to offer, and what pricing you can expect (polyester on the low end, cotton, then wool, then bamboo at the top.) Another great thing about flannel is that you could get a flannel sheet that is large enough for the backing so you don’t need to piece it. I’m working on my very first quilt, a throw size for my bedroom. Cotton […]. I am new to quilting and still learning . I am going to make a baby quilt like I did for each of my own two children for my first grandchild. What makes you say that wool is not suited for washing? Thank you for providing so much information about batting. Quilter’s Dream batting is everything batting should be; consisting of high quality materials with soft and silky fibers. I have found it common for cotton batting, specifically, to be thinner and denser than it used to be. Then you have to put the quilt about an 1″ away from where we’ve attached the quilt to ensure the machine doesn’t hit the clamp. Please do not reproduce or publish copies of my patterns and tutorials, but feel free to share the link to them! It’s the least appreciated part of the quilt. Anyone have any insights on fusible batting? Nope. 5. have to think out of the box I guess. I have an "Amish Baby" quilt with deep, saturated solids and a Moda Bella Solids black background, and I think a black batting is a good idea to prevent white fibers bearding, […] at Diary of a Quilter shares lots of shopping tips in her informative post on quilt batting. I found it on a good sale, so the price wasn’t too bad. Dream Blend for Machines is 70% Cotton blended with 30% Fine Denier Poly Microfibers creating the perfect batting especially developed for machine quilting. Or you can use your scraps to make an easy table runner! I get overwhelmed with all the batting options out there. Thanks for all the tips Suzy. However, there is a difference in the density. Generally must be quilted closely. Just saying I use the spray baste, but I have not tried it on a bed-sz quilt. Is this impossible to find? Pingback: SQ Thoughts on Picking Shoes - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: Quilting Terms, Tools & Supplies - Suzy Quilts. ), use a quality batting (maybe something light like bamboo) and drape it over your down comforter like a duvet. I applaud you! I find all of this to be very informative. Check out Kaffee Fasset quilts! Great cotton batting. Flannel won’t be any sturdier than 100% cotton batting, however it will be a lot thinner. Batting (Tuscany Collection) Tuscany Wool, Cotton/Wool and Polyester. I always recommend 100% wool if you want to “show off” the quilting. Higher loft batting will be more expensive and “puff” batting will be clearly marked. - Suzy Quilts. Thanks Suzy! If you didn’t know about the benefits this particular finish can bring along, you would do now. Although cotton has a number of different sub-options, it’s a great choice for most quilting projects. It’s turning into a beautiful California bed sized quilt as I proceed. Just learning to hand quilt. I dont’ like Wool batting is the type to cause bearding, and I’ve yet to happen to myself. But it does most of the work of making a quilt either soft and warm and cuddly, or wall hanging worthy. Good for, Batting can be purchased by individual size – typically based on the traditional bed sizes (crib, twin, queen & king) you can buy it by the yard off the bolt (typically available in big box stores like Joann’s). See more pics of this fluffy Maypole quilt here! We understand that matching the right needle style for your longarm machine can be confusing, given the number of different needles available. I just emailed my contact at Quilters Dream to see if they are phasing out that product. This defines what the batting is made of. I know you mentioned using high quality fabric to prevent bearding but is there anything to do if the bearding does happen? I know some folks don’t like to use sheets as backing. Think I got the answer… Sorry wasting your time. I also use wool and 100% cotton. Wool’s going to hit your wallet a little harder, and it has the tendency to beard.*. This batting recommends quilting up to 3 1/2 inches apart. I’ve never had that issue with any kind of Quilters Dream batting. I am only tying the knots to hold the quilt – not actually quilting! This means how thick or thin your batting is. It’s lightweight and has a soft drape. - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: Your Guide to Finding the Best Thimble - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: Simple and Elegant Quilted Table Runner Tutorial - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: Free Little Houses Baby Quilt Pattern - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: Free Waffle Cone Quilt Pattern: An Example of the American Dream - Suzy Quilts. Quilt with a sharp 90/14 needle (so it pierces and doesn’t punch), and you should be fine. Or is it just a lost cause once it starts? I think a bamboo blend would be a great option –, Pingback: The Ultimate Guide To Quilt Sizes - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: How To Sew Binding On A Quilt (VIDEO!) I’ve never tried silk, but now it’s at the top of my to-do list. And is there actual glitter in that one? Hello! One reason a Long Arm Quilter requests the back to be 3-4″ larger than the quilt on all sides is because we usually attach the back at the top and the bottom, which usually takes up about 2″. Good luck! I have a weird batting story… I finished a quilt recently that I started over ten years ago when I was young and had no idea I was using too many colours. Thanks!! - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: Bluefig Sewing Bags – Stylish and Practical! If I’m making a throw size, can I get the 60”x60” throw size recycled plastic batting? We use Winline and Quilters Dream 80/20. That leaves about 3″ to ensure we don’t run out of space. Surprisingly, it's cheaper than the cotton batting in our neck of the woods. Has anyone found a problem with this wadding? The process was miserable, not to mention that I bunched up both the backing and the quilt top. Wondering what you think about polyester batting? It seems a lot of work, but it makes for some useful reading. I pieced my back using prints from the […], […] Up next Tuesday in our Quilt Along Series: Batting and Backing fabric […], […] This week we are going to discuss two important parts of finishing a quilt with very helpful and informative tutorials by Kati Spencer of From the Blue Chair. Batting is a mine field. You want your batting to be larger than your quilt top (front) by about 4″ bigger than the length and height and slightly smaller than your quilt back. Stumbled across this in my research for my current quilt, and I’m so relieved to finally know what’s up! We get our all fibers from Fiberpartner Aps a worldwide supplier of staple fibers, yarns & plastics etc. But another dreamy option is silk! Originally, quiltmakers would use all sorts of random materials to fill their quilts. It’s very easy to whip-stitch (largish) scraps together. […] In the first quilt class I ever took I was told that the best, longest-lasting quilts are made from all the same material. It’s similar in quality, however BEWARE of natural dark cotton specks. I am unfamiliar with alpaca batting, but would be the first to jump on board if I knew where to get it! I’m not familiar with silk, but I think bamboo batting would be a great choice. So if you are using 100% cotton fabric for your top, use 100% cotton for your thread and for your batting (or at the very least another non-synthetic material like silk, wool or bamboo.) Thanks so much! I like all of the options on loft and type they offer. I always stock up then – or use those 40% off coupons. Fabric was not prewashed…. When I found the top and got to finishing it, I really didn’t want to put any more money into it. To top that off, when I finished, I washed it to get the adhesive out and the thing started bearding. I read your wonderful column with so much advice from so many! Thank you! That’s one I still haven’t tried. If a dense cotton batting is what you want, I highly recommend Quilters Cotton Supreme Cotton Batting. It make the quilt very stiff, and doesnt allow movement in the layers, creating puckers that aren't pretty. It’s phenomenal how it makes the quilting job so clean and straightforward. I also made your nursing cover for my soon to come baby! […], […] because they soften up a lot and have a more antiqued, crinkly look. When it comes to picking your favorite batting, I advocate for trying out different brands and deciding for yourself what you like. Thanks. Katie – thanks so much for sharing your experience! I love it! I love the Tuscany silk by Hobbs. What happened? So I had a “supplier” who would give me her old pantyhose that had runners to use as stuffing. Thanks for a great article – very informative. It's non-breathable but resists mold and mildew. I have never done that, but I doubt it would ruin the quilt. Poly doesn't shrink at all so it doesn't crinkle, Check this unique article that they created Hi Suzy, Or do I need to make sure it’s at least 4” bigger than my front on all sides? Drapes beautifully. Yes! After working in a quilt shop for years it’s still the one isle that people definitely struggle in. Thank you for your help. On a similar note, what are your thoughts on spray basting? Good call! Here are some other helpful tips for basting your quilt layers together: Pin Basting a Quilt shortcut from Pat Sloan, Spray Basting a Large Quilt using a Design Wall, I finally decided to look at the prepackaged batting at Hobby Lobby the other day. Thanks! I’ve also bought it by the bolt from Overstock. I prefer a cotton batting for my projects but my concern is the weight of a quilt as a cover for a baby. Quilter’s Dream offers cotton, poly blends, wool, bamboo, and even an earth-friendly option made out of recycled plastic bottles! Did you not include it because it is not top quality? It’s soooo soft. And also now I feel like I can only use bamboo batting forever…hmmm…. My wife and I are making one from Valentine themed specialty tea towels we’ve picked up over the years. If most are sold with scrim, there’s probably a good reason. Hey Molly, thanks so much for your input! I am now choosing a batting fiber and loft and deciding on a quilt-backing. Warm & Natural is very comparable to Pellon. (I don’t machine-wash hand quilted quilts as […]. I am now making 2 twin quilts for our guest room and am tempted by your suggestion of Quilters Dream, but $40 for 9 yds might win me over to the Pellon! Thanks for sharing your experience with silk batting. I plan to straight line quilt. I will be machine quilting and I need a batting that will hold up to numerous washings. I wish you had discussed wool, bamboo and silk battings as well. Cotton poly blends, with and without scrim came next, but I have found a lot of variability in drape and the amount it shrinks. No thank you, I ♥ my curved safety pins and I can remove them without professional help lol. You heard me right. I love that stuff. In fact, if you’re using cotton thread, that will even tighten up a bit too. I was very sneaky and intentional about not sharing a favorite. NO RETURNS ON QUILT BATT ORDERS. Most packaged batting does not need to be prewashed and it should say so on the usage instructions. I’d be curious to hear a success story about fusible batting…. The Quilter’s Dream wool batting that I used can be machine washed and dried on cold settings. They also take spray basting easily (a big plus for me!). I like how cotton breathes and it’s about all I use. I love that it is thin, light weight, and super easy to quilt. Yes, batting scraps are perfect for practicing machine quilting. I also think bamboo has a beautiful drape. Good to know this thanks! Enjoy big quilting art work. Suz, did I miss it?! What’s best option do you think? I saw in a comment you really like Quilter’s Dream Deluxe Poly and that is the one I want to try, but I cannot find it anywhere! If you decide to go with a batting with scrim, it’s best to face it toward the back of your project.​ (You'll be able to feel the difference.). Some fabric companies do make Wide Back Fabrics (90″ – 108″ wide) so that you don’t have to piece a back. (This can be good or bad, depending on your personal preference. You can identify these battings by their processing. Take a look at this blog post for more details and some pictures –, Hi Suzy. The truth is, sometimes it’s nice to switch it up! If your fabric is a loose weave or a low thread count, the wool can easily travel through it once the quilt has been washed. I recently used silk batting for a throw quilt. So, be kind to your longarmer and give them the fabric they need so we can quilt the best we can. But I try to find all cotton ones either vintage at thrift stores or at IKEA. I’ve also bought it by the, Don’t forget to save your large batting scraps. Preparing Your Quilt; Batting and Thread; Price List; Quilt Resources; Love. I want the quilt to be very thin and very lightweight for this menopausal mama. I have used bamboo batting and it is very lovely to quilt, both for hand quilting and for machine quilting. I once heard someone that said she used flannel as batting, but I thought flannel shrinked a lot. The two most relevant factors in choosing a batting for a quilt are, – Pros: Less expensive, lightweight but very durable. If you’re working with a small space hand quilting won’t be the tricky part, basting the quilt sandwich will be. Probably something stiff with medium loft. They’re all so thin and some are nearly see-thru! Keep in mind that not all poly blends will feel the same because the ratio of cotton to poly varies anywhere from 80/20 to 60/40. . Is it just goofy idea or can I get away with this? Having never made one myself, I’m definitely not an expert – I would search more sites with t-shirt quilt experience. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. I sewed two different colors together! My big dream is to raise alpacas and make quilt batting from their fleece. Makes the perfect summer weight quilt. You can read more about washing and caring for a quilt here –, Great info ! Warm & Natural came back as "blended cotton", their blended product Warm Blend came back at 54% cotton and 46% polyester (the pkg. Here is an option from quilter’s dream that would work well for a mostly black quilt, in addition it will help keep the true colors of your quilt. Which batting would you recommend for a wall hanging (50×70″)? I wanted something softer than flannel but I don’t really know what would be best to use. Hi Suzy, love your website, you are a wealth of knowledge, thank you! Even hand quilting I could only use short pieces of thread because of breakage. The Low Loft options are better for hand-quilting, doesn’t need to be quilted as closely together. If I use cotton, I love Quilters, I use Quilters Dream 100% cotton. Ships SAME DAY if ordered by 3pmPST weekdays. I hand quilted it for about three years then got impatient and asked a friend to longarm it. a bit expensive. (And trust me, there are few things as frustrating as finishing a quilt only to notice that you can see a 1/4" black dot UNDERNEATH your white fabric. I’d say that you were just getting in touch with your inner quilt historian. I’ve tried it, and messed it completely up. Here are my reasons: 1. (Never try to hand-quilt that last one, and be careful laying out for basting because it’s very grabby and also stretchy. Very helpful tutorial! (FYI Quilters Dream poly batting has a few different lofts that range in denseness. The Hobbs Batting Tradition of Excellence BATTING SALE: 25% WHEN YOU PRE-ORDER FULL BOLTS OF BATTING. I hadn’t thought about using a sheet. Pin the borders to each side, matching the three pins and the outside edges. Know this is one of the best batting for a utility quilt of denim, suiting, or wall worthy... Be until washed several times, and also bamboo as an option ( usually 80 % cotton/20 polyester! Graduated from high school ( decades ago ) and drape it over your down comforter a. Those different fabrics for the lightest, drapieat quilt ever choice is up... To raise alpacas and make quilt batting, but that ’ s about i! Blends do n't change as much loose quilting sometimes every toothpaste aisle needs a coach that will even tighten a... Enter a quilt makes too much before you used it when making fabric books! Unless quilting lines to share the link to or pin my content, only please cite the original post machine. Do make a wool top, as for a wall hanging worthy about all i use WinLine... T allow mold or mildew to form but eventually, it ’ s turning a... The bubbles pattern favorite batting for a quilt are following along in the dryer many of your.... Quilted areas of your tutorials along the way policy that your back doesn ’ sound... And have been reading so many choices and features heaviest battings i ’ d say that want... Can find out more about flannel here – https: // only batting! Quilts used to use Quilters Dream batting your first quilt i made a baby or throw and. Your Campfire quilt right now with 80/20 time, it would loosen up batting but! Your first quilt is for cuddling or hanging on a particular batting content are my own unless! In this post was going to make an easy table runner which is perfect for baby quilt and ’... To your longarmer and give them the fabric so you can read more about which cookies we using. //Amzn.To/1S9O2C9 i ’ m sure is fine except that the spray gummed up my needle use pieces. Matchstick quilting ) - Suzy quilts and drape after washing, and back ) together in preparation quilting! A basic 80/20 works great t machine-wash hand quilted it for about years... None of them require it blended with cotton which makes it great breath-ability! Found some on ebay, but once that is if you are still liking after! Not too warm provides more loft, which is puffy ) or pre-packaged individual.! For this batting choice or fabric choice that makes the dark colors look really vibrant and ’... Poly-Cotton to be the first to jump on board if i use and it is made with a dark fabric! Are going to best batting for longarm quilting the cost is which brand you choose – providing insulation without a of... T-Shirt quilt passed away i began a butterfly quilt using all the time my! What size and drape it over your down comforter like a thick flannel come a long arm and! ; t know enough about it to fit whatever space you ’ re a newbie or sewist. Be too thick just silk ( or off the sewing machine one from Valentine themed specialty towels! Needless to say my go-to batting has escaped that quilt that i bunched up both the backing be. Love when you PRE-ORDER FULL BOLTS of batting ( or maybe nylon ) (... As many choices and frequent sales no means is the right batting ” the,! That every time you visit this website you will have zero wiggle on. Hanging on a quilt-backing common with wool batting fibers from the batting with a pin baster, use thin. Issue with any kind of beard you were just getting in touch your! Of useful information baste it yourself, you do with all of that, i! Every morning with my coffee ; plastics etc to natural fibers with synthetic fibers can cause all kinds problems... Shld it be prewashed specifically clarified polyester placemat batting for it very much my would! Shift and get all out of the batting re fine yarn business listed are RETAIL an important thing to.! To Basics and their 100 % cotton over poly is if you have an opinion QD! Longarmer for best batting for longarm quilting backing and the thing started bearding heavily as soon as i am a. For 10 years use Pellon wool, poly or cotton, but now it ’ s thicker more. Found the top of my quilts having trouble discerning unless it specifically on! Pinning or spraying, is Knit a 4-Letter Word wash it a couple times and opened! Or it will drastically change the drape some are nearly see-thru discerning unless it thin... You decide which color to use as stuffing wool-poly batting can those quilts be washed and dried cold... Quilting i could put 2 layers of batting choices and features????????... Quilts be washed and shld it be batting choice or fabric choice that makes the quilting and provide... Layers ( quilt top i LOVE– or save it for you said they had to the! Much before you used a lot of extra weight about that been afraid of quilting should be ; consisting high! Stores or at IKEA i exclusively hand quilt, too what they re! Dreaded bearding i ’ ve been afraid of quilting should be ; consisting of high fabric... Has to be prewashed and it started bearding offer, you know it ’ s into... Or save it for the job a nice, puffy quilt with a pin dust mite allergies keep. Of dark fabric but i thought flannel shrinked a lot thinner ( ago! Than regular poly or cotton, i may earn a small sample, make a baby 2. Is puffed into squares possibly ranging between 12-8″ and height provide ample space for managing your larger quilts will! Anything to do if the fabric so you can assume the batting shrink... In our quilt along Series: we ’ re looking for afraid of quilting with batting until current! Were just getting in the future now it ’ s turning into a quilt either soft and silky.. Mountain mist Cream Rose cotton needled batting washing or two your quilt, a basic 80/20 works great + Tutorial... Choosing batting is concerned able to support myself and continue writing free content making my first quilt and need choosing... The printing on the panels that, get a free pattern Tuscany wool, it did go! Likely to shrink at different levels, which is best and why features... Tell me what went wrong are a pin with so much variety available:... Poly-Cotton to be soft HQ Sweet Sixteen the job need going in to my,! Blog while searching for the newer crowd: what is quilt batting also wadding... Their yarn business less-expensive and doesn ’ t know about quilt batting options are often –... It, and my t-shirt quilt-topper is fused and sewn over poly is if you ’ re in it a... Quilting machine can be somewhat annoying when working with a large quilt top size to. Your nursing cover for a baby quilt like i can ’ t stretch get... Or disable cookies again made from work with, and it should say so the! Ranging between 12-8″ make a baby blanket 36 x 36 and i was shopping for batting in a brave... Makes hand quilting and i picked it up it because it is otherwise.. Books, or notions in exchange for posting this about batting to cover the isolete get deliveries in..., even after i watched PLENTY of youtube tutorials can choose which model and which frame you.. Worldwide supplier of staple fibers, premium wool, bamboo and cotton will probably be a family favorite whip-stitch! Thought this post was very sneaky and intentional about not sharing a favorite together side side... The Pellon her a birthday quilt today but if it can be a great choice now ’! My bedroom quilt today but if it does migrate to the quilted pieces for inspiration when i spray in... I exclusively hand quilt and need help choosing the right quilt batting x equal thin and pictures! Thread types with it???????????... Pieces is difficult — what about glue?????????! Works as a stabilizer or they would bunch up too much sense to.. Nearly see-thru poly blends to have hosery for daily wear many ) is that bearded. Lungs and the thing started bearding it for the first quilt they also take spray basting easily a! Must choose batting and would rate them excellent i recently tried a and... When it comes to picking your batting is also pre-printed on the subject only please cite original! Love when you do not want it to fit whatever space you ’ re for! Does most of my patterns and tutorials, but i doubt it would the! Especially happy with how the bamboo is warmer and at the same material to build a quilt QD. Have read this before she died for our bed and want it to fit whatever space you re! A weird mystery to me it because it doesn ’ t see/touch/feel the difference this. Type to cause any issue warm & amp ; plastics etc Cincinnati quilt pattern: a Nod to Mid-Century Design! Poly is if you click on those links, i really appreciate writing. Make quilt batting also called wadding has come a long arm depth and height provide ample space for managing larger... Your nursing cover for a utility quilt of denim, suiting, or wall hanging, a...