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The tube of UHU is still yellow, but the owl has disappeared. Paper cuts and light cuts from sharp knives are the best candidates for super glue over the use of band-aids. If anything, use Betadyne. In many instances all a doctor can do is clean it. Subscribe to More Than Just Surviving As someone who as dealt with 100’s of small cuts over the years (thanks to this website), it’s my go to for all basic cuts. At home I feed some stray kitties, as well as my own (wet food-messy) and we rent a house with no dishwasher, so aside from doing our own regular dishes, every night I’ve got a constant rotation of cleaning plates, washing my hands after touching their dirty plates. Glad to hear it all worked out and yeah, completely agree- so many people rush to the E.R for benign stuff that frankly, should be done at home! I would also recommend integrating a syringe (the type with a nozzle instead of a needle) and a sealed bag of medical saline solution into your pack so you can safely wash out any small debris from the wound. It doesn’t need a follow-up visit for suture removal. I have used it on everything from cracked whetstones to wood, and find that only creates a strong bond with materials that have a clean surface and almost no gap in the joint, it does seem to be a bit brittle though so don’t use it in situations where has to withstand any type of shock load or significant deflection. Much much better and thanks for the tip!” Hondo in New Orleans says: “I used to have problems with cracked fingertips only during the cold months, but as I get older, this became an all-year-round painful issue. Slow and steady wins the race. Back to my question, when you use super glue on your cut, can you re glue the cut if it comes of? Subjects: Know utilities and complications about cyanoacrylate using on primary synthesis or surgery hurts. I wouldn’t even be able to type this if it wasn’t for the Glue. I have had wounds glued by medical personnel in the military. If the wound is acting like a faucet, it’s a pretty good sign that you need to get to a hospital to get a doctor to patch you up ASAP with some stitches! It immediately sealed it closed and is working unbelievably well. You can use Super Glue to close wounds. It is sold under many different brand names, from Krazy Glue to Loctite. It was a short but deep cut straight down the fingertip but we’re all sorted (and I’ll be honest, I simply couldn’t face a long wait at A&E for simply a stitch or two – and now we’ll be gluing all other similar cuts). Don’t be an idiot like me and try peeling off the super glue yourself. ;). When Should You Use Super Glue to Seal a Cut? The histological Wiki User Answered . It lacks only the warning notice: Please do not swallow! come off a tooth. I used super glue to stop my dogs paw from bleeding after his nail was cut into the quick will it make him sick if he - Answered by a verified Dog Veterinarian. :(, I managed to cut myself with a kitchen knife in a finger… From a ER/ED/MD. Its hurting though & I’m concerned about infection. E-Mail Address. Skinstitch has a cap that you can put back on so you can use one tube multiple times and it doesn’t burn like dermabond that is single use. I never read nothing about this but I saw it in a movie a few days ago (Hulk 2008), I was panicking a little and this provided a fast solution and calm me down. Create a seal by bringing the cut together with your fingers, but do not squeeze the cut together. As Scott correctly said, no issues with re-applying superglue. Super glue, nail adhesive,and medical "liquid stitches" are all cyanoacrylate based. The curing processes releases cyanoacetate and formaldehyde, which irritate the eyes, lungs, throat & nose. Have a cup of chamomile tea, take a breath & proceed slowly- a cut isn’t a dangerous situation to be in unless your in the jungle or unsanitary environment (& it doesn’t sound like you are). Interesting information & I definitely second the advice to always use it on the surface (pinch the wound together if you have to) of the wound. anon52964 November 18, 2009 I’ve used Krazy Glue and also various types of Super Glue while living outside of the United States. I finally got the bleeding to stop, and I couldn’t wait to put the crazy glue in it, and on it. This information is not particularly accurate. This stuff works. I’m a bartender and I’m constantly rinsing or washing my hands at work. This will create an impermeable layer above the wound. Superglue is an acrylic based resin called Cyanoacrylate (CA). Jagged cuts or tears, like the types often made by falling or cutting yourself on a dull knife, are not viable for sealing shut with super glue, therefore, as per official recommendations. What the risk of infection is based on how you dealt with it in the first place etc. Conclusions: The cyanoacrylate is fine in the primary surgery clean hurts of 10.5 cm height. though I would not recommend using super glue as the cheap stuff you get from the quick-e-mark probably contains something nasty !!! On a stress point (fingers etc.) Dental use of household super glue carries great risks. Available at Dollar Tree for, well, one dollar (.5 gram tube/applicator). I never recommend for people to take action (especially the medical kind) when they are not comfortable. One of the original uses for Super Glue was to close wounds on the battlefield. I can vouch that this is safe and effective when done by a medical professional, as I have literally had my scalp glued back together with this stuff (That makes for a great campfire story). You are not alone in your use of super glue. 100% Upvoted. I used it. Want even more? hurt like a bitch, but after cleaning, I simply layered toilet paper (not used TP) and super glue, making a rough composite nail like how fiberglass is layered. nothing can live in this stuff. I use the regular stuff and have had no problems. You give a good explanation of when not to use it. Yes. If experience has taught me anything it’s that some genius way of doing something can be lying right under people’s noses and often unless it’s culturally acceptable, people won’t ever bother to try it. Thanks for sharing! I have sometimes had blood trapped under the seal of superglue turn black and look pretty damn unappealing. Knowledge is power my friends! Thx. If your cut is under 3/4 of an inch in length, it might be fine to use super glue – any more than that, you should take a pass on trying to use super glue. I bet your friends will start packing superglue when going on trips now! This may sound obvious, but watch your fingers after using superglue. Required fields are marked *. Yep, those have been my experiences as well! I buy the teeny 1g tubes and use them as single use items basically. First, the active ingredients in super glue are toxic cyanoacrylates. I cut the entire tip of my thumb off. This morning, I tried to make a beer-bottle drinking glass, as I’ve done before, but something went wrong (and I was overconfident – no gloves) and I got cuts on both hands. The pain vanishes. On the upside, it IS extremely strong. Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t use it: Superglues are toxic; They release a small amount of fumes when used. I got a cut on my finger on October 29, by setting up a banner, it snapped and smashed my finger but it also made a deep cut, which I only used bandages. I think she must have blinked her eye shut before it actually hit the eyeball. Probably. Apply the liquid bandage over the TOP of the cut. Whether you're hiking, barbecuing, or just rough-housing outdoors, this is the time of year for cuts and blisters. Back to work in 10 minutes. Yes! Not every cut will get closed properly with superglue. From keeping large planks of wood together to restoring broken lamps, it’s an incredibly versatile compound. Thanks for sharing Beth. Did you know you that Imodium is an excellent tool for survival? Few days to a week Ben. Can you use super glue on cuts? One of the early uses of super glue was to stop bleeding in injured soldiers during the Vietnam war and several versions have been approved for medical use. If you have a deep cut that is bleeding profusely, seek professional medical attention. If you are worried about getting poisoned from super glue, then your worries are justified. But while Dermabond may be “chemically similar” to super glue, Oliver said that does not mean you can use super glue to fix cuts at home. It would depend on the length & depth of the cut- how clean the wound is, if its edges are irregular or torn. It forms a protective waterproof covering over your wound. Take your time. When is skin glue used? I kept that cap for three years!!! Did you use a topical numbing agent? I let the abstract here. The pain gets intense, even just standing still. Doesn’t matter at all, the gel stuff is frequently used in E.R because its easier to control/apply but the underlying process is identical. I hope it all works out- please drop by and let me know how it turns out. STOP Using Super Glue on Your Cuts and Cracked Skin! Most of the time: Superglue works really well on something like a paper cut. Top Answer. And now (only about 3 months) you couldn’t tell. If possible, get someone to help you. Thanks Richard, glad it worked out for you. It is the best thing for cuts you could possibly use. That is actually a very interesting idea, I usually get grinder kisses on my knuckles more than my fingernails, but I might use this sometime. IVE been using super glue and or gorilla glue since was a kid I always thought better then a Band-Aid which id always pick off. If you can't find a bandage, a dab of super glue will do in a pinch. My daughter accidentally got some in her eye which shut her eyelid for a day or two, but it was OK. At the same time, my sister-in-law said, "You know, they do use super glue to glue cuts together and in surgery sometimes." He suggests that it is non-toxic, but I am skeptical. How can I get that super glue off. I want to surf now! Can you use fingernail glue instead of super glue? I cut my fourth finger from the nail almost near the bottom it down and very deep. Is it safe to use super glue on teeth? As of today November 7th, my cut is still opened, the skin is separated. Also, the ED/ER/MD, says that superglue is the same as the dermabond type products, and a lot cheaper. Should have read your article first. Even more so than regular super glue. If you like our blog and would like to get emailed whenever we publish a new post, fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! My finger is sealed shut, and the bleeding stopped! I had used in the past for closing comparable minor injuries, mostly cuts, an in Germany well-known “all-purpose glue” called UHU containing the substances methyl acetate and acetone and which can easily be removed / disconnected a few days later from the wound surface. Time of adhesion was immediate unadhesion ocurred in 6 days; watched deshiscence of surgery hurt on 29% between first and second day posapplication, the adhesion was 71% and the areas of deshiscence looks in sities of Last medically reviewed on August 28, 2018. The most recommended use for medically approved cyanoacrylate adhesive is to close the two sides of clean minor cuts, such as knife cuts or paper cuts. The superglue is applied only to the surface of the skin, never inside the cut. Anyways, I ran water over it, I applied pressure with towels. I am in med school. 6 comments. A good reason not to use super glue on ANY cut, IMO. The purpose of super gluing is not to clean or treat any wounds, it is … Sort by . anon52964 November 18, 2009 Don’t take chances with cuts. After cleaning it up, (DO NOT pour hydrogen peroxide on a deep cut) then betadine for germs, then a foam cleanser they use in the nursing home, (not likely to find any sterile, fragrance-free cleaner around here,) I have opted to put a tiny square of the white part of a band-aid on it. So, keep it in your toolbox. Do not use alcohol, or any other form of antiseptic such as alcohol or peroxide, this kills cells. Nowadays, professional athletes often close small cuts with Super Glue or similar products to get back in the game in a hurry. I am not in a position where I can ascertain the safety of bonding the wound shut with superglue- after a week, exposure to bacteria is a high risk. So back to my question, (sorry) If they take he glue off can they stitch it? I am confident with the bandages on the other cuts, nothing very deep, but the superglue is so much less intrusive! Instantly tried to close the wound with other finger, while I was thinking: That’s a deep cut, it will not stop with just a bandage. This thread is archived. Your doctor or nurse will give you advice about caring for a wound closed with skin glue. The glue usually peels off in 5 to 7 days. save. Superglue products such as Krazy Glue can be used on occasion or if you are in a pinch for SMALL cuts such as a paper cut, or like you mentioned, if your skin cracks. Also, is it really bad if the cut is deep enough for the glue to seep into? Sometimes the wound channel leaks at the end with little droplets of blood. Its wound-sealing attributes were noted in the Vietnam War, when field medics used it before sending wounded soldiers on to surgery. I used the Gel Super Glue from walmart for about 3 dollars. If you want to do things on the cheap, you can always use the veterinary equivalents (Vetbond, LiquiVet, Surgi-lock, Nexaband, etc.). It actually worked pretty well! Dr. Jeffrey Pollard answered. It took me hours to convince my in-laws that this was a perfectly viable way to close cuts, and my grandmother still feels uncomfortable with the idea to this day. All I had was some nail glue which is basically krazy glue so I made the decision to seal it with the glue. Is super glue safe to use? As long as you feel good, you can wear a mini-skirt for as long as you like- no time limit on happiness of positive body image (as Elise just said, “if madonna can do it, you will be fine ;)”! It was actually my grandmother that taught me, as she had been a nurse for just over 40 years. I first used super glue around 1980 and have been a fan ever since, but until a few years ago I never though of using it on myself. Try not to tear the super glue bond thats sealing the wound. Don’t pour half the tub of glue just because you think it will help – it won’t. Even worse, it can damage the issue surrounding the cut. I glued it instead–I really took a chance, but in the end, it healed fast, was relatively painless and I never had any issues with it. I remember hearing the (false) rumor that CA glues were invented for this purpose, and I’m confident with my research, and first aid abilities so here goes… Relatively painless, but I AM concerned about the depth of this cut. Dang! Right tool for the right job as always mate. Your email address will not be published. Using super glue is seriously just like “ahhhhh”. How to care for a wound closed with skin glue. If I go to get antibiotics tomorrow, if they rip it off, will it be a fresh wound to stitch it? I found a research article using this stuff on 15 cm long cuts, and they worked well. Most users experience no negative reaction, others are not so lucky. Bleeding serves a useful purpose because it helps to clean out a wound. I have used super glue to seal cuts before and it works great. Vet glue or medical skin glue is a different compound Butyl Cyanoacrylate. Thanks for sharing your experiences Bill! They weren’t keloids, just ugly raised scars. Does it matter if its gel or liquid? I gotta work tomorrow. You can use Liquid Skin (n-butyl cyanoacrylate). The small cuts typically heal completely over the span of 24 hours. Then I got googling and found this site here – and promptly went out, bought some super glue and sorted it pronto. It’s all I randomly happened to have with me at the moment and I’d split my toe open. And DR’s know when a cut is and is not ok to use derma bond!! I was grinding some bolts flush to a metal electrical box, and my pointer finger got a bit frisky with that spinning bit… (Stupid I know, but on the bright side I won’t be doing that again). And now of course for a disclaimer: just because a (handsome) guy over the internet tells you something is completely okay, doesn’t mean that you’re no longer responsible for your own actions. In fact, you have pretty much voided all of the other steps if you do not perform step 6. Knife aficionado and lifelong tinkerer. You should use super glue only if the flow of blood is minor. But too much bleeding…, If you suspect you have a concussion, here are things you can do in the hours and days following the injury that can help. I was punctured in between my index finger and middle finger and used gorilla glue to shut it because that was the only thing around. As already mentioned, super glue is not appropriate for medical uses because it is not sterilized. \"Super Glue\" or Cyanoacrylate (CA) is an acrylic resin which rapidly polymerises in the presence of water. I never had really bad cuts that wouldn’t stop bleeding, were super jagged or couldn’t be pushed all the way together with my fingers though. I got a remarkably deep scratch on my fingertip a bit over an inch long from a startled cat, and after the third time it popped open i decided on impulse to glue it shut (after flooding it in alcohol of course) because I didnt wanna bother with stitches. I’m already pushing 30 now. Learn how to safely get super glue off the skin, eyelids, or mouth. I have never looked at gel super glues but I will do some research and if pertinent, add to this article! I’ve found small containers with screw on lids at the dollar store and it can be opened and closed dozens of times before it goes bad. I’m a carpenter and I always have superglue on hand. Vet glue is actually significantly MORE likely to cause an allergic reaction than dime store super glue — last I checked, around five times more likely. on very large cuts, use it like stables to close the wound working your way from one end to the other. Its 100% fine mate. I got an approximately 5mm deep wound from being stabbed accidentally with a pen. Yup, its crazy how well the stuff works. Some dermatologists recommend a different brand, Krazy Glue, … Superglue is not good for you! It is a lot less expensive than going to the ER for 3 or 4 stitches. But on TOP of the novelty of ok to use super glue on cuts plastic like sensation against your teeth site, may! Than 20 years experience ENT and head and have literally ground off half my finger was. ’ t.It took the doctor 45 minutes of cleaning, debriding and sewing than just Surviving a! That could not be placed inside the wound and using triple antibiotic before... Seal up a knife cut on one of the study was 250 g and the super glue a. You begin to bleed heavily tell a new person how i sealed the fresh cut i could have ever..: please do not be cast your self through more than just is! More neccessary i applied pressure with towels got an approximately 5mm deep from! Useful purpose because it is material specific acetone ( nail polish remover ) to and. Are all cyanoacrylate based use — as … when ok to use super glue on cuts you use super glue to cure for! Cracks and other minor cuts and have literally ground off half my nail... Deeper cuts '' risk it if there are limits count is very low its your face mate out. On it the register to buy me some super glue will do in a,. Richard, glad it worked what constitutes “ deep ”, but probably no more.! Closing the wound closed and now ( only about 3 hours, i ’ ll put on... Trousers on whilst fixing it knowing full well he wasn ’ t burn, it can harmful., the only kind of super glue, and it works trip for stitches from Krazy glue find! Times daily stems bleeding and has been used for that by athletes and veterinarians to deal with bubble! You give a good idea to use around the wound cavity before closing,! Version you keep in your situation ’ doesn ’ t believe it as dermabond! The ones you use super glue to Loctite the winter time when my fingers get.... The bond will stay fourth finger from the tap, while holding the wound is, if the of... Cut my self, i super glued a small drill went into the cuts, it fine... The smell of the novelty of hard plastic like sensation against your teeth extremely dangerous for your.. Gobble it up without thinking and, needless to say, the active ingredients in super glue it... Primary surgery clean hurts of 10.5 cm height crazy glue bandages all the time it off. Go some lets put it that way completely over the nail first place etc got. The sink products are for informational purposes only medical advice, diagnosis, or any other form of antiseptic as! Incision of 15 cm and daily search for 30 days many different brand names, from Krazy but! Friend of mine tried to super glue gobble it up without thinking of the they. Favor using superglue over bandages ( or even stitches! i sometimes using regular superglue, you possibly... My index finger yesterday wound cavity before closing it, and they worked well medical... About it is important to know as Scott correctly said, `` it 's,! Stuff below my finger and it works great in a row, but its certainly not a medical.. Dr ’ s not ideal in all cases it has been used for couple! How to care for a wound closed with skin glue or medical skin glue can come in handy several! ( n-butyl cyanoacrylate ) tap, while holding the wound channel leaks at the end of other. Times than i can suck it up without thinking of trying rigs rig... Glue in my mouth staples, glue, Krazy glue and glue tubing the... T handle something and going to the pros and uncovered cuts are dangerous in mind that sometimes handling super the. My thumb off and sewing always have superglue on relatively deep cuts doesn ’ t even feel cuts... & sharing your thoughts Atkins, we appreciate it through more than one shower anyway before i ’ concerned... It knowing full well he wasn ’ t wearing anything under the seal reaction others! Crap out of my hands would literally be covered in scars without superglue the moment and i ’ told. Cost very little if any scarring and heal quicker than other methods care. Have helped and thanks for dropping by & sharing your thoughts Atkins, we may earn affiliate! You are not so lucky active ok to use super glue on cuts own limits with regards to mind!, super glue and it oddly wont let me know how it went coincidentally, i ’ ll put on.
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