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For example, there are wine geeks, train geeks, and car geeks. Dorks may or may not be nerds. Synonym for dork @Rev01Yeti: he's a dork but i admire him cause he smart and makes me laugh he is consider a nerd by his peers cause he loves to read he loves videogames so much hes friends nickname him the geek|there all the same meaning someone who is smart|Dork: This ones a bit hard to explain. What exactly is the difference between a geek, nerd, dork, or a spaz? He has discovered the difference between geeks and nerds. They are usually nice people, but don't have the social skills to go out and meet new friends. geek = technical/scientific version of the nerd, often one person can be described as both a nerd and a geek. Don is an engineer and a comedian so he has the brains to utilize fancy charts and graphs to make his point. 6 comments. Geek - Someone who likes things like gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, etc. via Miss Cellania nerd . Geek, nerd, dork, ou wonk, voici toutes les définitions. Nerd is a contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. Geek or Nerd. Être un geek amène souvent à être un nerd, car ils explorent les domaines de la science et de la technologie qui sont liés à leurs centres d'intérêt. There is a difference between geeks and nerds. Peut-être que je serais d'accord avec vous pour qu'ils soient étranges; Cependant, ils ne sont pas stupides. Dork - A derogatory term for an extremely socially awkward person who has no social skills whatsoever. All geeks are nerds, but not all nerds are geeks. report. difference between geek, nerd and dork. He makes some good points about the everyday technology that we use like printer ink and USB devices. Who is a Nerd. dweeb, all of the above. As nouns the difference between dweeb and nerd is that dweeb is (us|slang|pejorative) a boring, studious, or socially inept person while nerd is a person who is intellectual but generally introverted. To all of you nerds and geeks who–like me–have been unfairly and inaccurately labeled “dorks,” only to then exhaustively explain the differences among the three to a more-than-skeptical offender, I say: You’re welcome. De la même manière, les nerds peuvent devenir des geeks, car leur expertise les amène à s'intéresser à des choses non académiques. Dork is a person who behaves awkwardly around other people and usually has unstylish clothes, hair, etc. December 22, 2006 0 Comments Short URL General. If you want to tell the difference between geeks and nerds, take a look at some of their interests. Nerds are smart, people who lack much of a social life. New comments cannot … Do you fall into one or more of these categories? Have you ever been called a dork, nerd, geek, or some combination thereof? He's such a dork." Beaucoup des centres d'intérêt des geeks et des nerds se recoupent. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The differences between nerds, geeks, dorks, and dweebs . What the difference between a Nerd, Geek, Or Dork? If you look up Napoleon Dynamite (a movie in America), he's a dork. This thread is archived. Now nerd and geek are pretty much the same. Burr Settles, software chap at crowdsourced translation platform Duolingo, rooted through millions of tweets to find the sorts of words that were used at the same time as either geek or nerd. These were then plotted on an infographic, so that he could identify the sorts of words used by both subcultures. ADVERTISEMENT. ADVERTISEMENT. We answer the most common question about what it means to be a nerd. 1. How do you respond? Now nerd and geek are pretty much the same. "Oh man, he watches anime? 75% Upvoted. Show Less. share. I never quite understood the differences between these categories. The difference between being a nerd and a geek is deeply subjective "Geeking out" about something means becoming an expert in a particular subject Many see themselves as both nerd and geek… Jerk is used for someone who is mean or a bully. The main difference between nerd and geek is that nerds have weaker social skills than geeks. "John tried to beat me up! Whereas a jerk is someone who is generally mean. English. save. Synonym for dork Dork is used to describe someone who is nerdy or silly. What a dork!" It also validated (at least in my mind) my perception that a nerd is a geek with glasses. A dork can also refer to someone who acts on his own motives without caring about his peers’ opinions and or acting totally retarded.The term occasionally implies stupidity, though perhaps less often than it once did, and it can paradoxically imply an unadmirable (bookish, academic) intelligence, much like the terms “nerd” and “geek.” See Also: Nerd Venn Diagram: Geek, Dork or Dweeb? Don McMillan explains the difference between a Geek and a Nerd in this funny video. FINALLY: The Difference between Nerd, Dork, and Geek Explained by a Venn Diagram. Posted on Friday, March 26th, 2010 by Peter Sciretta. What are you? Unfortunately for geeks and nerds, they are often equated with the dork. Well I wanted to explore the origin and meaning of each one. Nerds could be academic or geeky or both. Chuck and Beans explain the difference between a geek, nerd and dork on Shoebox. Take this quiz to find out, and learn which camp you belong to! When I first saw this, I realized why I always take offense when someone calls me a dork. If you like Funny, Cool, & Interesting Videos get the Free VIDEO OF THE DAY. What a jerk! Nerd is a synonym of dweeb. 12 comments. "Dork" could be a geek and/or a nerd, but has an annoying habit of acting like a nerd-jock and spouting off facts when people dont care, or trying to "one-up" people with knowledge. Nerdiness vs Dorkiness. Someone stops you on the street to ask for directions. Nerd, Geek, vs Dork. Other Comparisons: What's the difference? New comments … I scoff and then tell them to … Nerdy vs Dorky. posted by Brandon Blatcher at 3:46 PM on May 15, 2008 Check out the Venn diagram below that helps the tech-slang unsavvy navigate the difference between the confusing terms "geek," "nerd," "dork," and "dweeb." A geek is someone who is always heavily into things like rpg, classic sci fi, and loves to argue about it with others or chime in any time they hear someone mention a geek Passion of theirs,whether appropriate to do so or not. Dorks may or may not be nerds. Ce … Nerd is more intelligent than a dork. This post has a table that describes the differences between geek, nerd and dork. save hide report. a nerd is a socially awkward geek. Is it more favorable to be called one than another? As nouns the difference between nerd and dork is that nerd is a person who is intellectual but generally introverted while dork is (obsolete|vulgar|slang) a penis. [via Valleywag] Share this: Twitter; Facebook; More; Like this: Like Loading... Related. Geek, dork et nerd sont des termes qui sont souvent utilisés de manière interchangeable par des gens pour des types socialement incompétents et un peu fous, même s'ils sont intelligents. Nerds don't talk much, and don't expect others to talk much to them. Et si vous êtes prêts à devenir un nerd de l’anglais sans passer pour un dork , découvrez nos cours d’anglais à l’étranger et nos programmes d’ anglais spécialisé dans votre secteur d’activité. IP: Logged. Old School Nerds Before the words nerd … But do you know the differences between the three? They actually don't: They actually don't: geek - An enthusiast of a particular topic or field. Si je vous demandais les différences entre un nerd, un geek et un dork, peut-être diriez-vous qu'ils sont tous des gens bizarres et bizarres. Weird - Slight negative connotation, indicates the person is different from the perceived normal. Difference Between Dork and Nerd Definition. tafkact Highlie. The words "nerd" and "geek" are often used interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing. While their fascination makes them unique, geeks are generally social and want to share their interests with others. A nerd is a person who is very interested in academic and technical subjects, and who lacks social skills. En fait, le terme geek est un terme généralement utilisé pour un mec très livresque et apparemment bien informé, principalement quelqu'un qui a beaucoup de connaissances en informatique. a dork is often a really out there nerd or geek, who's marching to a totally different violin with almost zero awareness of social norms. All geeks are nerds, but not all nerds are geeks. "|A dork would be someone who likes things the general public doesn't. What is the difference between 'geek', 'nerd', and 'dork'? NEXT QUESTION BELOW. Dork is totally lacking in social skills. Nerds could be academic or geeky or both. Dork is not as intellectual or intelligence as a nerd. A geek is usually extremely knowledgeable about a certain topic. Typically knows a lot of useless information. Follow Question; 1 Great Question; Asked by peedub (8690) April 14th, 2008 How Interchangeable are these terms? This thread is archived. They often have very few friends. I want to know what the people of Fluther think. Intelligence . hide. Popularized in the '60s, dork was probably derived from dirk, a penile name that was widely used until the short version of Richard became ubiquitous. Dweeb is a synonym of nerd. A while back I saw this snarky article by Great White Snark that clearly showed the difference between nerds, geeks, dorks, and dweebs in a nifty Venn diagram, like the one below. Reddit, what is the difference between a nerd, geek and a dork? I genuinely believe you can have “car” geeks and “sports” geeks even though these probably don't have the same social stigma. share. Sometimes used with a positive connotation by people who eschew the normal. Dork - A derogatory term for an extremely socially awkward person who has no social skills whatsoever. Nerd, Geek, Dork… Words that were born as pure insults in the past are now labels that many wear proudly. March 27, 2010 by GruntDoc. Geek - Someone who likes things like gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, etc. 100% Upvoted. Geeks are different from nerds in the fact that they have social lives. My personal take is that geek is a passionate devote to a hobby that can recite a lot of in depth knowledge. "He likes to tell silly jokes. What are the differences between the terms nerd, dork and geek? Venn Diagram: The Difference Between Geek, Nerd, Dork and Dweeb.
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