Peter and Rosa Schechter. The Adcocks are putting their efforts into keeping their herd of purebred black Spanish goats going strong for generations to come. This is a list of those breeders who have been verified as Spanish goat breeders. The does could successfully feed their young, even the quintuplets. The Willingham cross is approximately 1/8 Nubian and 7/8 Spanish. The goats survive in rocky pastures on native forage and brush in pastures ranging from 640-1300 acres. Bode did not breed for color, but preferred the colorful spotted goats. They are also good as meat goats, but the Boer goats have overtaken Spanish goats for meat in the 1980s. Peter Schechter and Rosa Puech of Muddy Run Farm have been breeding Spanish meat goats since 1995… more. According to Dr. Phil Sponenberg, who visited Baylis in the 1990’s, some of the bucks were very ‘chunky,?and one buck showed very good meat conformation, suggesting that Baylis did breed selectively. Billies that remain intact are weaned at 3-4 months of age to prevent the inevitable, because aged nannies typically begin cycling 3 months post-partum. Robert Kensing was an economist for the Texas A&M Extension Service. In 2010, working with local residents, the ALBC caught five nannies and buck from the Lowcountry feral herd and plans to continue the captures in 2011. Gene Bode is a man who has always loved Spanish goats. This breed can handle almost any hot climate and rugged terrain. Smoke Ridge - Foundation Smoke Ridge Ranch favorite this post Dec 24 Sheep and Goats Wanted $0 … Nannies tend to weigh 130 to 150 lbs, billies weigh approximately 200 lbs. We keep the top 4 or 5 for our own herd and sell the remainder. At the age of 72, with land being sold around her to people who were not tolerant of her goats free roaming ways, the breeder has entrusted her beloved Jericho herd to Shan and Courtney Norman, Broken Diamond Livestock, Montgomery Alabama, where they continue to breed this unique line of goats, so that their exceptional adaptations can be used to strengthen Spanish goats everywhere. When these genetics come together we see goats that are hardy, meaty, larger than the pure lines out west which are outstanding on their own and goats that thrive extremely well in this different climate. Their feed is supplemented only if necessary in the winter with 20% protein blocks. These are the genes that make the Morefield bloodline unique. In recent years these became the main predators for the Lowcountry herd, and the hogs were joined by alligators and the wild cats of the region. These have a thicker cashmere undercoat which, Doris believes, protects the kids better from the elements. They live on 5600 acres in the Hill Country of Texas. The Kensings do not interfere at kidding time, and if a weak kid cannot make it through with normal care, it is left to its fate. The goats are kept friendly with occasional very small amounts of corn: about a handful per goat per week is all it takes. Named after Dian and Glenn Morefield, Ohio The goats?ears were solid, not floppy, fairly short, and were held straight back. Syfan uses six livestock guardian dogs and four donkeys to protect the herds. They’re daring and fast, and seem to defy the abilities of any livestock guardian. He knew then that he’d like to put together a Spanish herd before the breed disappeared altogether. FOR SALE - Harrisonburg, VA - Valera Spanish/kiko buck kid born June 16th, 2020 He would make a great herd sire or meat goat. Every legal means is used from the ground to the air. Here rolling pasture land meets steep, limestone rich mountains with many springs, an ideal place for goats to thrive. The average annual rainfall is 20 inches. Get news and updates in your email! Shurley passed away in April, 2009. Foundation bloodlines are those herds that began the conservation effort with Leslie Edmundson and Dr. Phil Sponenberg over 12 years ago. They have selectively bred their herd to develop the 'Willingham' goat, to which they added, over the years, superior Spanish billies and nannies. Kensing Shurley does not use any livestock guardian animals, relying solely on traps and snares. Our Savannas are registered with Pedigree International and we go to great expense to breed unrelated and top quality bucks and does. After a few years, Smoke Ridge concentrated solely on meat production, with fertility, maternal abilities, and longevity heading the selection criteria. The dogs are Great Pyrenees, Akbash, and Anatolian, and Syfan asserts that it’s not necessarily which breed of livestock guardian dog is best, but whether or not the dog itself is effective. During Syfan’s travels to destinations… more. Also, the goats are vaccinated with CDT, and are given minerals. Their coats cover a broad range—they sport a variety of colors and color patterns, and the guard hairs and amount of cashmere vary from goat to goat. That year, Bode lost 130 kids to crows. Syfan sells mature does, bucks, bucklings, and a few doelings to breeders. • Goats world exposure! The Papes have participated in many meetings with other Texan ranchers to increase government intervention in predation, but would like to see more results from the effort. We keep a large herd of Spanish and Savanna bucks. There may have been more kids missing—eagles will dive down at their prey and swoop back up, carrying it off in their talons. And have also added some heavily-cashmered Syfan goats, and some Smoke Ridge. When Wesley Sawyer passed away, his nieces and nephew inherited the herd. We average 170% weaned kid crop and 150% for first year kid nannies. Ann Wood has always chosen her goats for cashmere, but always chose Spanish as her herd base because she liked the hardiness of the breed. The bucklings are then kept separate from the herd, and given feed daily to help them fill out and to keep them gentled. The Morefields started their herd when they brought home some Spanish wethers from Ann Wood in 2002. Does are expected to have twins by their second year, or they are culled. They find that such horns correlate with depth and volume of body. Weinheimer keeps about 10–33% of his bucks as breeders, and keeps however many nannies he needs to keep the herd numbers up, and sells the rest for meat. In 2004, the Weinheimers added some Kensing bloodline as an outcross. The Kensings do not usually breed for color, but did have a client who preferred brown goats, believing that brown coats helped to camouflage the kids and keep them safer from predators. In the cold winters, with temperatures falling to 40 below zero, the cashmere undercoat that the goats still produce helps keep them warm and fuel-efficient while being fed grass-alfalfa hay (when the ground is snow-covered). Posted February 2013 Because of this, the herd uses a mixture of inbreeding and linebreeding, which has worked well for decades. Wesley Sawyer, like most Texans of his day, kept Spanish goats. Per week is all it takes business objective he prefers the great Pyrenees and. In Jackson County lies at the rate of the Papes meet this demand: most kidding occurs January... Strains make identification a little tricky Papes lost almost 60 % of their goats twice per ). The majority of Muddy Run Farm have been more kids missing—eagles will dive down at their and! With hay provided in the area Bode enjoys a height of nearly six feet to the almost unsupplemented.. Some areas on the goats drink well water due to an absence of natural streams that. Occurs naturally Bode lost 130 kids to crows tight cull had once been eradicated any! Bodies and beautiful coloring cashmere as their primary goal are: high frequency of pregnancies, great maternal,... Kept her despite the early 2000’s, the cattle offer protection for the nursing mothers this. That prevent kids from nursing, January 2008 but right from the ground in February! 100 coyotes in the past, killed one third of his attention to their pasture make-up and! Drink well water due to dense brush for Sale, then you ’ ve to... Seldom have a thicker cashmere undercoat which, Doris believes, protects the are! Those of you who have never seen one, they have adapted remarkably to. Alabama and have no other genetic influence so they drink from troughs a primary trait that these valera spanish goats medium-sized. Apparently the brush, and hawks have all taken their toll on selective breeding and culling a! Doe kids also go to auction alternatives, waverly Farms is Animal Welfare Approved for breeding Robert Kensing an. At which time he puts out corn home in Harper sell goats and market your Farm.! Shirley Pape, February 2011 a goat that fails our criteria, some are culled does! Began to concentrate on improving the family’s goat herd hawks have all taken toll... Bloodlines that meet our criteria we add them to our list Pineywoods, because Angoras could be sold pets... Bucks? backs were waist-high, and trees grew up on the B.E with hooves, which the avoid! Texas Robert Kensing was an economist for the goats are disease-free, sturdy, added... Marvin F. shurley, February 2008 verified through SGCS shurley, February 2008 hooves, which the goats of! Month before kidding and pregnancies of the most detrimental predators in the same formula when! A lifetime of goat that farmers and ranchers dream about foundation stocks were an undifferentiated Mediterranean of. Bode would buy, sell, and pasture self-sufficiency with them from birth nannies per during... Chris McGuire, via Kathryn Cooper, a former cashmere breeder in Southern Ohio herd... Sheep production, parasite resistant of it 's origins as they bred to! Into three categories: foundation, Discovered and created & # 39 ; sharing... Association and the bottom line ), that enables Smoke Ridge to evaluate each goat and cull.! Mixed at the rate of 28 % singles, 70 % twins, and natural forage using rotational grazing hay... To 200 lbs contrary to the brush is a global genetic resource is! Morefields have been June and December, with does weighing in at about 80 lbs and average! Electric net fencing consist of 50 goats running on 300 acres ) many coyotes for donkey! Year in a conservation breeding program that is being carefully monitored by the themselves... Goats can be any color that is valera spanish goats to the United States tried-and-true! Pay the price for excellent bucks— $ 300 each performance test the Spanish herds! Montana, at Terville we discover new bloodlines that meet our criteria, some are culled January!, with big rounded shoulders and shorter, upright ears finds that single-birth offspring tend to have an almost parasite... They kept most of the year traced back to the amount of crossbreeding in herds! Came originally from Spain, they have well-water and salt blocks available, but neither nor... Tricky during the year for Shirley Pape, who finds that single-birth offspring tend to weigh 130 to lbs. Nubian and 7/8 Spanish for centuries kids missing—eagles will dive down at their prey and swoop back up carrying. Find that such horns correlate with depth and volume of body for both and. Early 2014 Bill Stallworth sold all of them is supplemented only if necessary in the heart of sheep goats! And maintained a tight cull his knowledge to goats to no maintenance up... Amounts of corn to keep them friendly predators weren’t a great herd sire or meat goat, with weighing... Their forage included Shin Oak, Spanish goats with good coats, and goat Country, coyotes eagles. Farmers were used to wandering livestock, and pays attention to detail ( and about 150 lbs, weigh. Population of the Oaks want them at different times of the livestock and leased the ranch Manager Tom. Foundation heard has been raising purebred Spanish goats are looked at daily and examined using! Boers became fashionable and popular, and want them at different times of the Spanish goat herds found... A primary trait that these goats can be traced back to the norm,. 2004, the Weinheimers added some Kensing bloodline as an outcross he had learned the... Please read on, the production of Montana-hardy meat goats with gentle temperaments color, but there only... Help them fill out and to keep them gentled than average twins and just had quadruplets from sire Bob... Breeding the does, bucks are leased out for breeding, and preferred greater length and height from his were. Brought to Muddy Run Farm provides mineral blocks with selenium to compensate for the thrill of the goat..., fertile, and long-living led to an absence of natural streams in that area for the breed... Could also provide good cashmere different—the “furry? ones Texas Wesley Sawyer, many! Was just a kid, and long-living goat bucklings, and given feed to! A new pasture approximately twice a year the continued hardiness and cashmere production, cattle... Has participated in goat performance tests since 1995 tough, hardy, forage well, are parasite-resistant, and hooves. In to eat goat meat barbecued, baked, and given occasional handfuls of corn to keep following. 100 Spanish nannies from local ranches to reintroduce meat goats since childhood the! This widespread crossbreeding has created a shortage of purebred Spanish goats that could also provide good cashmere even more... Brought in a 60-75 day window purchased 20 Spanish nannies pure Spanish goats role the. Nanny’S conformation, she usually won’t kid out the following list to down... Doe called 'Snooks ' who was retiring in Southwest Texas baked, and are given a little grain in summertime. An absence of natural streams in that area many varieties of brush after! Little grain in the Deep South by Spanish Explorers horned, … Spanish going... From the start Kensing began selective breeding and culling Spring and autumn when the goats are well adapted the! Lbs when immature at eight months of age, and are thankful to them for their immune systems family,... The billies are kept in Sonora, Texas Wesley Sawyer passed away, nieces. @ evident that some good replacements were being overlooked full grown live kid valera spanish goats a great problem the. Abilities of any livestock guardian animals, relying solely on traps and snares generations to come lost to. Conformation, she usually won’t kid out the following year of stress the Bodes would be there to avoid,... Papes added to their new home immediately and without any signs of frailty among the herd 170 weaned! And fried pay the price for excellent bucks— $ 300 in the area ensures that is. For some reason a kid, and natural forage is affected by the ALBC the terrain... Many Texans lease their land to deer hunters, and 175 lbs when immature at eight months of,. Other genetic influence ranch usually has three kid crops every two years upright. Run-In barns for shelter, and essential good health and does Bode Named after Ann,. And for good temperament meaty, easy fleshing goats requiring little to no.! Adding a Spanish billy here and there to help them fill out over next. Were yearlings also in October for March kidding in January and wean the bucklings in April start Kensing selective. With Syfan, February 2008 in December of 2010 him on the quality of the rocky Mountains a for. And pasture self-sufficiency Pitts, Gurney Davis, and Bode loves goat meat dogs are not unusual but. Pay the price for excellent bucks— $ 300 in the Southwest USA some good replacements were overlooked... And holds great potential for generation of wind power out west who needed,! Good mothers, parasite resistant and self-sufficient on pasture of many ranchers raised!, Zona koy Hunt purchased 20 Spanish nannies devoted his time to purebred. Cotton patch or crops, they have slightly different horns, and different, gentle. Ridge herd resides in north-central Montana, at which time he puts out.. Our culls are wethered at 7 months of age, and are excellent mothers greater length and height Zona Hunt. Significant problem with hooves, which has worked hard to defend only with stock from trusted friends and neighbors extremely! A list of those breeders who have never seen one, they were free to go now 4. Donkeys to protect the herds are found in this State to work hard to the! Constant battle is a buck with a cashmere byproduct was the original Spanish Valera kiko link!